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Computer janicereed

Janice Reed's computer is a computer appearing in Deus Ex. It is located in her office on Level 2 of UNATCO HQ. The login is jreed and the password is redshoes.


From: Anon//UNATCO.44567.22356
To: Free Enterprise Mailing List
Subject: re: NOBODY CARES! (was: Nationalizing industry)

Michelle (mdarwin//orbit.8665.9112.4) wrote:

>I just read that government regulators have nationalized
>the third airline this year, and the story was buried on
>the SIXTH PAGE of the Times!
>No one seems to care that Uncle Sam is gradually taking control
>of every means of public transportation. The FAA claims that the
>airline's management botched the safety records... Lies! Lies!
>Have any of these records been made public? Do they even exist?
>Rule by executive order is now the norm. Goodbye, due process.

What you have to remember is that "we the people" are members of a republic, and you must learn to trust those that you choose to represent you. The government is not a heartless machine running our lives; it is comprised of people, just like you, who deserve our trust and respect.

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