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Jacob White is a character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. He is a member of Motor City Bangers gang, involved in the Smash the State side quest. He has also been partaking in the secessionist movement, the New Sons of Freedom[1], which would evolve into National Secessionist Forces in the next 25 years.


White is a MCB member that has become increasingly violent and unstable, as reported to officer Nicholas by a street informant. White always had a grudge against DCPD, and with the anti-augmentation riots erupting worldwide, he decided to partake in his own way, planting a bomb underneath the local police station.

The bomb had indeed been planted there, and is guarded by White himself, alongside several mines and turrets, but turns out to be gas ordinance, rather than explosive. Adam Jensen can defuse the bomb in several ways:

  • Hack it,
  • Guess the code (it is 0000) to receive the Lucky Guess achievement,
  • Break the containers of liquid on the bomb by shooting them, using an Icarus stun, or, rather oddly, using a Gas grenade.


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