Isolay is a major augmentation manufacturer in operation during the 2020s. It owns a facility in Lima, Peru where new augmentations are researched and developed.[1] Isolay distribute and market their products worldwide including countries such as the United States and China.

Isolay was the target of several "enforced contractual transfers" of their employees to work for competing biotech corporations. A number of Isolay employees were kidnapped from Lima by Belltower Associates and transferred to other countries with the help of the Red Arrow triad.[1] They were then forced to work for other augmentation manufacturers such as Tai Yong Medical.

In 2027, the CEO of Isolay is the target of an anti-augmentation terrorist attack. He is dragged from his car and beaten in Mumbai, India.[2] In addition, following the leaked footage of augmented super-soldiers, violent protests take place outside the doors of one of Isolay's facilities.[3]

Isolay was the first of the major manufacturers to declare bankruptcy, during the collapse of the augmentation industry, in the wake of the Aug Incident.

Characters with Isolay AugmentationsEdit


  • Isolay augmentations do not come in black color.[4]
  • Their most popular augmentation seems to be their leg augmentations, as it is the most commonly seen augmentation made by Isolay. Their second most popular being their cybernetic arm augmentations, with both Talos Rucker and Madam Photographe having them.
  • The Isolay leg augmentation is similar to the real world Flex-Foot Cheetah prosthesis manufactured by the Icelandic company Össur , and like the real world counterpart, the Isolay legs seem to be designed for athletes. The enhanced mobility properties of the prosthesis has made it popular amongst ARC soldiers.



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