Chapter 4 - A Wolf Among Sheep
En route to recover the Typhoon, Jensen discovered a Purity First terrorist trying to steal it. But the so-called extremist was secretly augmented and killed himself to avoid interrogation. Hoping to find answers, Jensen confronted Zeke Sanders, the Purity First leader, who swore up and down he didn't know his man was enhanced. Jensen let Sanders escape, determined to focus on the Aug...

M5/M6 - Investigating the Suicide Terrorist is a main mission in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is initiated simultaneously with Visiting the L.I.M.B. Clinic.


Following the mission at Milwaukee Junction, Sarif assigns Jensen to find the suicide terrorist since the police will not allow anyone near the body. Sarif leaves the methods up to Jensen.

Primary objectivesEdit

Retrieve the dead terrorist's neural hubEdit

Go to the police station and talk to Wayne Haas at reception. Jensen can persuade Haas to allow him inside where it will be possible to just walk down to the morgue virtually unhindered. The pathologist, Dr. Gerald Campbell, will assume Jensen is supposed to be there and he can then retrieve the chip from the dead body of Yune.

Getting into the alley can be accomplished by piling some boxes to jump over a fence. An alternative method is to head to the east of the map and enter the building with the electrical floor to eventually reach the alleyway. However, this requires either EMP shielding which most players are unlikely to have at this point, or some tedious manipulations with boxes (jump on one box, move another, jump onto it, repeat). Therefore, jumping over the fence using boxes or the nearby dumpster (if the player can move heavy objects) is generally easier.

At the alleyway Jensen can hack a terminal to open the police station's fire escape door or he can reach the rooftops to enter an air vent. If Jensen does sneak in, there is an armoury and security room on the second level at the north east part of the floor where he can disable some of the security features.

If you go through the sewers, then Jensen will end up in the basement guarded by a laser security system.

The objective is to retrieve the neural hub from the corpse in the morgue at the basement. It can be reached by taking the elevator or stairs down at the far end of the atrium - the room full of computers. There is an air vent on the right as Jensen descends the stairs which leads to the basement security room and the cells.

If you alert the police to your presence when sneaking in, avoid escaping through the main entrance until they give up looking for you. Failing to do so will alert the officers outside the building, to which you will unlikely survive their combined firepower.

Use my home computer to analyze the hubEdit

Return to Jensen's apartment in the Chiron Building and upload the data to the computer.

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