Part 3
Back in the present, Kelso and Saxon slowly piece together the strands of evidence in order to expose the Tyrants. Before they make any headway Kelso begins to have crippling seizures. Like most augmented individuals Kelso suffers from Darrow Deficiency Syndrome, a condition only alleviated by the use of the drug Neuropozyne. Saxon rushes to administer her the drug, of which both realize they have a dwindling supply...
 M1 - Investigate Tyrants is a mission in Deus Ex: The Fall. It is the first and only mission to take place in the Costa Rica Safe House.

Primary ObjectivesEdit

Find Neuropozyne Edit

Head to the bedroom behind you. Anna's meds are on a table by the bed.Grab it and return to Anna.

Contact Janus Edit

Head back to the bedroom. To the left is a bookshelf--right next to it is a black panel on the wall.Use the panel and the bookshelf will slide aside to reveal a secret room ahead.Go inside and take the stairs down to the panic room.Head to the computer and use it to talk to Janus.

Talk to Anna Edit

Once you're finished with Janus, head back up the stairs to the bedroom. Anna will be waiting there and a brief conversation takes place. Anna will offer you either a lethal (10mm Pistol) or a non-lethal weapon (stun gun) depending on your choice.

Leave Costa RicaEdit

Head out of the bedroom. To your right is the exit.Go to it and leave for Panama city.

Notes Edit

There is plenty of loot that can be gathered in this level. Noteworthy items include:

  • Three EBooks in the main hall that can be read for XP.
  • Credits in the computer drawer in the main hall.
  • An energy bar in the trash can near the computer.
  • An ID file in the bedroom, near where you picked up the Neuropozyne medication.
  • Credits on top of a cupboard near the bed and in the bathroom nearby.
  • Credits in the room ahead of the staircase to the panic room.
  • A concussion grenade , a stop! worm , a nuke virus and credits in the panic room.

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