Insurgent is a book appearing in Deus Ex. It is one of Maggie Chow's favorites and a copy can be found in her apartment in Hong Kong.


by X

...When faced with the subversion of an organized ruling body, external action -- even when executed in concert, as a group -- is often ineffectual. True revolution can only come from working within, and in this the ultimate change that can be brought about by an individual is magnified by the very machinery that such organizations utilize to maintain their own authority. Historically, ruling bodies are always outnumbered by those they rule -- but still they manage to maintain a disproportionate amount of power through a combination of tradition, confusion, and punishment. An operative who learns to simulate the veneer of a loyalist and guard their own secret heart can utilize those very same tools to overthrow such organizations, or shift them to a more ideologically pleasing axis...

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