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The Icarus Landing System is a mechanical augmentation in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Icarus landing system 1

Adam Jensen using the Icarus landing System

The Icarus Landing System allows Adam Jensen to land safely from any height by slowing his movement via an electromagnetic field emitted from the lower back, above the coccyx. It is not context-sensitive but will only activate when falling from ten meters or above. It does not require energy, and thus allows for quick escapes from enemies (as well as enabling shortcuts not otherwise possible), even when energy is depleted.

There are a number of locations that can only be accessed with this augmentation, usually in out-of-the-way areas. More often than not many enemies and/or security measures can be bypassed in this way, and often can find pocket secretaries with codes or even weapon upgrades when exploring these routes.

It is also useful in a more direct way; if Adam gets the drop on a group of enemies from above, he can brace himself and hit the ground causing enough force, in combination with the EM field, that will knock out most enemies/civilians at point-blank, and should stun (knockdown) enemies within close proximity.


  • Your landing will not be silent unless you are using the Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis augmentation with the Jump/Land Silently upgrade turned on. It also works well in tandem with the Punch Through Wall upgrade for the Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis augmentation for exploration and making use of alternate routes.
  • The knockdown ability is also not silent, and will alert enemies at medium ranges. Oddly the stun effect and the sound it makes will pass through walls (and doors), meaning you can accidentally knockdown a hostile not within your view or on your radar, and potentially trigger an alarm; this is likely a bug.
  • It is notable that several Belltower operatives working for Tai Yong Medical were also observed using a landing system that was very close in appearance to the Icarus system. This can be seen when Belltower attacks Adam Jensen at the Alice Garden Pods.
  • Ben Saxon, using augmentations from Tai Yong Medical, sustained severe damage using his landing system to escape the Tyrants jet at high altitude. In contrast, Adam Jensen, using augmentations from Sarif Industries, easily made a high altitude insertion into Montreal to infiltrate Katrina Sutherland's apartment. This suggests that Sarif Industries products are of superior quality.


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