I Never Asked for This is a secret achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is awarded for completing the entire game on the hardest difficulty setting possible.


Earning this achievement requires the player to complete the game on the difficulty setting of the same name, which is unlocked after beating the main campaign once. On this setting, the most significant change in rules is that the player only has one life, meaning if they die the save file will be wiped and they will have to start over.

Additional rules to this difficulty level are as follows:

  • The mode cannot be started on New Game +, one must start a fresh playthrough in order to access it. A cleared playthrough on this mode is also not eligible for a New Game +.
  • The player is limited to one manual save slot. Quick and autosaving are disabled.
  • Enemies are more vigilant and the player makes more noise while moving around.
  • Difficulty level cannot be toned down in settings.

Additionally, upon starting a new game on this difficulty, object highlights and map markers would also be disabled, though they can be toggled on again via the settings menu. Essentially, I Never Asked for This is a slight step up from Give Me Deus Ex, but with the added challenge of a permanent death mechanic.


  • Because the save data is wiped on death, it would be preferable to avoid taking damage altogether. Stick to cover or use cloak as much as possible while moving around to avoid being seen. An alarm-free Pacifist playthrough is recommended.
    • Ample investment into cloaking and hacking augmentations are strongly advisable as a result. If not possible, try stocking up on plenty of Multi-Tools and Biocells, crafting them if needed.
  • The Icarus Landing System augmentation is handy to have to minimize the risks of falling to death if the player is not very careful about their footing.
  • The Implanted Rebreather and EMP Shielding can be lifesavers if the player absolutely has to travel past electrified areas or gas leaks.
  • Invest in the Social Enhancer augmentation to work around certain combat situations.
  • Save, save, save. Because quick and autosaves are not available, one must learn to make manual saves before doing just about anything (hacking, sneaking, picking up quests, etc...) to avoid accidents, then save some more for good measure. By keeping the save data up to date, one can quickly double back if the situation goes south (alert, detection, etc...) without losing too much progress.
    • Take up the habit of manually backing up your save file to avoid accidental deaths wiping off your hard-earned progress.
    • The save file will only be wiped after Jensen finishes his death animation and the message appears. If the game is forcefully terminated before this happens, the data will remain intact.
  • Try to avoid side missions in order to finish the story as quickly as possible. However, if you prefer completing them to get Praxis points or just for fun or any other reason, side missions can be completed too with minimal exposure to risk of dying in combat. Much of stated above applies in side missions too. If things ever go awry, Typhoon augmentation can also be a lifesaver in some occassions.
  • Acquire and utilize the Damocle's Sword killswitch to bypass the final bossfight.
  • The console versions are limited to 11 save slots in total. I Never Asked for This requires at least one of these, so if there are no vacant slots, the player will not be able to save.


  • The name of this achievement is a reference to Adam Jensen's most memorable quote in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  • I Never Asked For This mode can be unlocked for the Jensen's Stories expansion missions as well, though completing them with the difficulty active will not yield any additional achievement.

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