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The Mark 1 Prototype Hyperion is a plasma cannon augmentation used by Viktor Marchenko. The augmentation is concealed within Marchenko's right arm. Upon activation, Marchenko's skin-like plating and prosthetic hand fall away, revealing the weapon and allowing it to be fired. The weapon is capable of devastating damage, either by a direct hit or catching its target in a small explosion once its plasma bolt strikes a hard surface. It can be fired in two modes: a slower but more powerful charged shot or machine gun like rapid fire. It is powered by a nuclear battery produced by Kubotchi.

Notes Edit

  • The Hyperion is the first plasma weapon in the series to fire red plasma bolts. Every other plasma weapon has fired green bolts.
  • It is the first plasma weapon shown to be an augmentation, instead of a more traditional weapon.
  • It is the first plasma weapon shown to have 2 different modes of fire.
  • Being a directed energy weapon, concealed within a user's cybernetic arm, makes the Hyperion a lethal counter-part to the P.E.P.S. augmentation.
  • According to the concept art, the nuclear battery on the Hyperion is made in Japan and finished in Korea.
  • No matter how spectacular its performance or description, the Hyperion is unable to damage Jensen with the TITAN augmentation is active. Even Jensen's Rhino Dermal Armor provides considerable protection.
  • The augmentation icon for the Hyperion is visible in Smart Vision.
  • Schematics for the forearm part may be found in G.A.R.M. labeled Nanoblade kit. Made by Vadim Orlov.
  • The serial number of Marchenko’s battery is: NH1A515CS/1-

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  • Hyperion was a mythological Greek Titan of light and father to Helios, god of the sun.

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