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The Mark 1 Prototype Hyperion is a plasma cannon augmentation used by Viktor Marchenko. It is concealed within Viktor's right arm. Upon activation, the skin like plating and prosthetic hand fall away, revealing the weapon and allowing it to be fired. The weapon is capable of devastating damage, either by a direct hit or catching its target in a small explosion once its plasma bolt strike a hard surface. It can be fired in two modes: a slower but more powerful charged shot or machine gun like rapid fire. It is powered by a nuclear battery produced by Kubotchi.

Notes Edit

  • The Hyperion is the first plasma weapon in the series to fire red plasma bolts. Every other plasma weapon has fired green bolts.
  • It is the first plasma weapon shown to be an augmentation, instead of a more tradition weapon.
  • It is the first plasma weapon shown to have 2 different modes of fire.
  • Being a direct energy weapon, concealed within a user's cybernetic arm, makes the Hyperion a lethal counter-part to the P.E.P.S. augmentation.
  • Hyperion was a mythological Greek Titan of light and father to Helios, god of the sun.

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