This article is about the machine pistol in Mankind Divided. For the Human Revolution machine pistol, see Hurricane TMP-18.

The Hurricane TMP-18 is a weapon in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The Hurricane TMP-18 returns from Deus Ex: Human Revolution with some slight alterations, featuring similar performance and versatility overall, but can be further customized with new proprietary attachments.

It is a highly mobile and compact sidearm, dealing moderate damage at a rapid pace at the cost of relatively modest recoil. It boasts a sizable magazine capacity, beating out even the Combat Rifle and can be further upgraded to bring even more lead into the fight. Fully-customized, and the TMP-18 can prove to be quite a respectable powerhouse in any situation.

As in the previous game, the TMP-18 is a fairly common weapon in the hands of street hoodlums and gangsters, though given the larger presence of the police in most areas, it is still quite scarce. Ammo packs for it however, are fairly abundant and can be bought in large quantities from almost any vendor.

Notes Edit

  • The TMP-18 has a maximum range of 45 meters.


  • The TMP-18 is most commonly seen carried by Jinn smugglers, ARC soldiers, Dvali gangsters (during early missions), and Shadow Operatives.
  • The autofire mode burns through the player's ammo stock at an alarming rate, especially if the TMP-18 is upgraded. Unless mobbed at close range, the burst fire setting should be used instead to conserve ammunition.
  • Against enemies with body armor, the TMP-18 does not pack a lot of power even with a fully-upgraded damage stat, and especially when suppressed. Aim for the head to maximum efficiency.


  • The collapsible stock and ironsights were likely taken from the Heckler & Koch MP5, the charging handle belongs to the IMI UZI, and the handguard is of the LR-300 assault rifle.


Case StudiesEdit


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