This article is about the machine pistol in Mankind Divided. For the gameplay article of the weapon in Human Revolution, see Hurricane TMP-18.

The Hurricane TMP-18 machine pistol is a weapon in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The Hurricane TMP-18 machine pistol is a small-sized weapon notable for its high rate of fire, handling, and ruggedness. The weapon is very effective against unarmored targets, but is comparatively less effective against armor and robotic targets. Machine pistol ammunition is also the cheapest ammunition in the game.

Among NPCs, the weapon is most commonly seen carried by Jinn smugglers, ARC soldiers, Dvali gangsters (during early missions), and Shadow Operatives.

Gameplay Edit

The Hurricane TMP-18 can attain an incredibly fast rate of fire, particularly with the full auto upgrade. The full auto fire mode can actually help conserve ammo, by allowing the weapon to fire single shots for well aimed headshots. However, some players may find the default burst fire mode easier to manage, as two bursts (6 bullets total) is usually enough to kill anyone not wearing armor.

Damage is low, even when fully upgraded, but the standard ammunition is very effective against unarmored targets. Dvali gangsters can be taken down in 5 body shots from point blank (or 9 shots with the silencer attached). When unupgraded and without a silencer, police in light tactical gear take upwards of 20 shots to down when aiming at the body. While 9mm ammo is indeed very common, you'll inevitably run into certain enemies (EXO-suits, ARC elites, armored cops...), where you empty your fully upgraded magazine, wait for the smoke to clear, and they'll still be standing - defiant. But as touched upon earlier, the Hurricane is primarily for defeating unarmored foes, and due to the also previously mentioned abundance of ammunition, if you absolutely feel the need to go toe to toe with EXO-suits with nothing but a futuristic UZI, nothing's gonna stop you - except the inevitable ammunition shortage. Armored police can absorb 40+ silenced body shots before going down, and would probably take more if you didn't occasionally spray the joint between their helmet and armor.

Poor effectiveness against heavily armored targets is more than compensated for by the weapon's versatility, utility, and brutal effectiveness against soft targets, against which it arguably outperforms the combat rifle and shotgun (the latter primarily due to its puny range). Many high-level targets, including certain types of Shadow Operatives, don't wear full helmets, or even full armor - a curious design decision any savvy player should take maximum advantage of.

Ammo consumption is high, but ammunition, as said, is generally abundant, and can be purchased in large quantities from Mikael Mendel during the second and third visits to Prague. With a bit of practice, one will find that it's not so difficult to pin-point weak spots on most of the more dangerous enemies.

Also note that the dry reload is very loud, so much so it'll cause high-tier enemies to investigate if they're close to your position. Considering its strengths, as well as its flaws, the Hurricane's probably the best 'wetworks' weapon available to Adam.

You'd wise not to underestimate this weapon, as it complements many more popular builds (revolvers, sniper, lancer, non-lethal...) A fully upgraded, ready, and properly fielded, hurricane, is as its namesake would suggest, if a bit heavy on the ammunition used.


  • The collapsible stock and ironsights were likely taken from the Heckler & Koch MP5, the charging handle belongs to the IMI UZI, and the handguard is of the LR-300 assault rifle.


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