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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

DXMD M14 icon
Hunting Down the Final Clues
Something big is coming—Viktor Marchenko and the gold-masked mercenaries from Dubai are planning another attack. One that might involve the Orchid. I have to find out where and when it will take place but Martial Law's been declared. State Police will shoot me on sight.

M14: Hunting Down the Final Clues is the 14th main mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and the last one to take place in Prague. Adam Jensen returns from the GARM Facility to find Prague under Martial Law, which is going to make getting around the city tricky.

Summary Edit

Objectives & XP Rewards Edit


Meet Vega in the L.I.M.B Clinic: 500 GTD

Meet Miller in his Office: 500 GTD + 200 GHO + 200 SMO

Find a Way into Dvali Territory: 3150 GTD

Find Radich Nikoladze's Office: 3150 GTD

Go to my Apartment: 1950 GTD

Meet Chikane at the Helipad: 1950 GTD

Fly to London: 500 GTD

Primary ObjectivesEdit

Meet Vega in the L.I.M.B Clinic Edit

Once Jensen gets back to Prague, he contacts Alex and sets a meeting over in the L.I.M.B Clinic. As soon as you exit Elias Chikane's place, a cutscene will play out where police gun down a non-augmented citizen and, while they are distracted, Jensen runs across the street and enters the clinic to talk to Alex. The cutscene will end and you will regain control of Jensen.

Meet Miller in his Office Edit

Now make your way down to TF29. It should not be too difficult in stealth mode, but you can also take out the guards if you wish. Once you enter the office, you will bump into Delara Auzenne, who you can talk with further or leave her to her thoughts. Make your way to Miller to have a more or less heated discussion with him. Once Jensen reveals that he learned the Dvali have some connection to Marchenko, Miller will task you to find out what they are planning.

Find a Way into Dvali Territory Edit

Make your way to the Red Light District. If you did SM06: 01011000, Eliza will contact you and will cause a distraction by destroying the turret guarding the area, and police car to its right. There are 2 main ways into Dvali Territory: through the small alley that will take you into the open street between the Dvali Apartments and Theater (you will need the Dvali keycard for this or blow the door open and prepare to fight), or the back way through the apartments (need the Klipspringer jump mod). There is also a sewer that connects from the latter to the former, but it is guarded by a bot and filled with gas. Whichever way you take, once you come in close proximity of the theater, Miller will contact you to see how you are doing and will then suggest finding Radich Nikoladze's office.

If you completed both of Otar Botkoveli's favors (i.e., killed Louis Gallois during M7: The Rucker Extraction and successfully completed SM09: All in the Family), Otar will cause the Dvali Territory to be non-hostile and you can instead walk in through the opened gate door.

Find Radich Nikoladze's Office Edit

Adam eavesdropping

Jensen listening in to Radich and Otar's conversation.

Enter the theater and make your way behind the stage and into the basement. There are several security terminals lying around to help you shut down cameras and bots for a stealthy approach if you want.

You will eventually find yourself outside his office and, when approached, may cut to a scene depending on your past actions with the Dvali and whether you were able to reach the office without causing hostilities:

  • If Radich and Otar are both alive and Radich is still in control of the Dvali, a scene will play in which Otar is arguing with Radich. The cutscene ends and you need to quickly move into hiding if you were doing stealth as it leaves you right in front of the door Otar is about to walk out of, not to mention you could be in the view of any thugs you left conscious at the poker table.
  • If you completed both of Otar's favors, a scene will play in which Otar welcomes you to his theater and informs you that he is now the leader of the Dvali branch in Prague. Otar will also inform you of Radich's agreement.
  • If Radich is alive and Otar is dead, a scene will play in which Radich unsuccessfully tries to get Marchenko to pay a higher price for the smuggling operation.
  • If you alerted Radich or Otar, or if none of the above situations apply, you will have to find the evidence on Radich's terminal.

Whichever way you got your information, Jensen will contact Miller to let him know what he learned and Miller will tell you to head back to Jensen's apartment while the rest draw up plans. Jensen then contacts Alex to let her know and she says she found information on the target. Jensen will ask her to meet him at his apartment to explain there.

Go to my Apartment Edit

The easiest way to leave is, if you have the Icarus Landing augment, to use the security terminal in the room connected to Radich's office and unlock the door across the hall. You will land in the sewers and the path will take you right into Pilgrim Station's interior so you can head straight to Capek Fountain Station. Make your way to Jensen's apartment and when you enter, another cutscene plays out with Alex telling you what she found out. It will end and Jensen will then contact Miller who says to get to Chikane's place to head out. If you have any side missions you want to complete, now is the time to do it.

Meet Chikane at the Helipad Edit

Now head to Capek Fountain Station to get to Chikane's place. You will have to dodge the police again if you did not take them out beforehand. Once at the puppet shop, talk to Chikane at the helipad to leave for London (though he will give you the option to stay when talked to).

Fly to London Edit

If you told Chikane you were not ready yet, this will show up until you are ready to fly to London.


  • If Eliza blows up the turret, it will not affect Foxiest of the Hounds.
  • For some reason, if you take the non-lethal route in dealing with Louis Gallois and complete Otar's second favor, Radich will still be in control of the Dvali. It is unclear if this is a bug or intentional.

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