Moscow Durak

How to play Durak eBook near a table with playing cards.

How to play Durak is an ingame eBook in Deus Ex: The Fall. It can be found on the top floor in Hotel Novoe Rostov.

Transcript Edit

Typically played with a deck of 36 cards (after removing 2 through 5 cards in all suits). Durak is an aggressive card game played between two to six people. After the deck is shuffled, six cards are dealt to each player. The top card is then placed face up on the bottom of the deck perpendicular to the rest of the deck (so that its denomination and suit are visible). The card is still in play and will be the last card to be drawn, but in the meantime it determines the trump suit. The first attacker is the player with the lowest trump.

Since the deck only contains 36 cards, the number of players is limited to six. Some variants exist that allow for more than one deck to be used, considering that a six person game with one deck gives advantage to the player who attacks first and a disadvantage to the player who defends first.

Attackers move to their left where the Defender must stand their ground or "pass".

Aces are high. Trumps always beat non-trump cards regardless of rank.

Loser shuffles and deals.

Trivia Edit

  • Durak is a Russian card game. It is quite possible that Mikhail Kontarsky's bodyguards were playing Durak during their breaks.
  • The eBook appears to be based on the Wikipedia article for Durak.

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