The Hotel Etana is an hotel in Panama City in the game Deus Ex: The Fall.


The building contains 3 sub areas called The Hotel Etana Lobby, The Hotel Etana Upstairs and The Hotel Etana Roof.

Events in Deus Ex: The FallEdit

Ben Saxon visit the Hotel Etana, near the end of the game, to confront the WHO investigator, who is himself investigating Riezene, in the penthouse suite. Here the agent admits to Saxon that Riezene is not ready for market yet, and he plans to go public as a whistleblower for the events. Saxon is too late, however, as a Tyrants VTOL blows open the window to the suite, and a newly augmented Sam Duarte shoots Parker dead, revealing him to not only be alive and working for the Tyrants.

Sam Duarte kill WHO Agent Phil Parker.

The side quest involves Dr. Camila Cardoso a LIMB international worker who Saxon meet in the LIMB building Downtown which is also where the Etana is located.


  • The Hotel Etana shares a similar trait to the Nightshades club as they are known around the city as one of the more high class areas it's shown by several pocket secretaries and computers that it's rented out by government officials, diplomats and the aforementioned Camila Cardosa rents out a room there.
  • Etana means snail in Finnish.

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