The Heron's Loft Apartments are a hotel and private helipad owned by the Lower Seattle thug Sophia Sak. They are visited in Deus Ex: Invisible War, in the lower half of Seattle. Sak has hired a team of SSC guards to defend the hotel, and turrets can be found outside. Sophia Sak's Hangar can be found behind the helipad. The player will visit here if they are involved with certain quests. Sid Black will ask the player to come here and take his private aircraft back, and the owner of the local Queequeg's has an apartment here. A Greasel trainer keeps her abnormally large Greasel, "Gob-zilla" caged up in her apartment here, too. The player can kill Gob Zilla to rig the fights at the Greasel Pit, if they are waging money on the fights. The Order, specifically Lin-May Chen, will ask the player to murder Sak for the better of Lower Seattle.

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