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Harvesters (Chinese: 收割者) are common gangsters encountered in Hengsha in 2027, and in Cairo in 2072.

So named because they "harvest" augmentations from others.

In 2027, harvesters are easily recognizable by their cheap, scavenged mechanical augmentations.


In 2027, Harvesters are a minor enemy faction encountered in Hengsha. Low-ranking gangsters and street criminals, Harvesters act as gang security in many of the lower-income parts of the city, and typically take their direction from the many mob bosses of Hengsha such as Tong Si Hung.

The Harvesters have their own compound, a repurposed parking garage in Youzhao District. This compound is where mechanical augmentations are "harvested" from victims. The Laser rifle can be first found here. Common Harvesters have cheap, occasionally mismatched (as seen on the legs of the Harvester in the bottom picture), scavenged mechanical augmentations, and wield pistols, machine pistols, and shotguns.

There are also heavy Harvesters who wield heavy rifles. These Harvesters are distinguished by their full welding helmets and slow movement speed.

Harvesters use cloaking abilities occasionally while in combat. Keep an eye out for bullets coming from thin air or the rippling effect of cloaked Harvesters on the move.

In 2072, a harvester, and his bodyguard, is encountered in Medina Apartments in Cairo. Like the "old" harvesters, this one is a gangster, harvesting biomods from victims.

The harvester offers Alex Denton a reward for killing the Apostlecorp security chief in order to get his occipital implants.

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