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Hangar 18
You found and read the secret message. Now you know too much...
An achievement in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
Points: 10
Location: Omega Ranch

Hangar 18 is a secret achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is earned when the player hacks a computer terminal in the hanger of Omega Ranch where they are taken to Panchaea.


After rescuing Megan and the rest of the kidnapped scientists from Omega Ranch, Jensen will be left alone in the hangar. While the scientists are being flown out of harm's way, Megan will contact Adam to let him know how to get to Panchaea. Before leaving, the player must hack the terminal to decrypt the Hangar 18 e-mail in order to get this achievement.

From the bottom of the steps, make a left and then another quick left. A box will be covering a little hole in the wall. Move the box, crouch down, enter the room, and hack the computer. In the same room, there is a Cooling System upgrade for the Heavy rifle/Plasma rifle.

Hangar 18 E-mailEdit

SUBJECT: Hangar 18

Dave Two,

I just received this communication from Fortress Zero:

>MD2: 2fefd0d8aceb8aa7cb1667cccc25e0a3
>MD4: af7257aa612ebdd9658eefe4da77faf8
>MD5: c43c7d95234a2693ad35803605cc984e
>CRC 8, ccitt, 16, 32 :
>CRYPT (form: $ MD5? $ SALT $ CRYPT):
>_____(form: SALT[2] CRYPT[11]):
>SHA1: 93391f17b9baa6e9d3b4220b09466b64373efc70
>breaker nine begin
>subject witness
>prognosis seen too much
>site eighteenth hangar
>inventory foreign life forms
>state suspended cryogenics
>risk nominal
>solution selective amnesia
>bravo kilo actual
>end transmission

The curtain is failing. Soon they will know too much. I know too much.

Dave One


  • The achievement is named both literally (It is located in the 18th Hangar of Omega Ranch) and as a reference to a 1990 song by Megadeth (Itself a reference to the famous Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.)
  • The user of the terminal is MSTAINE and the sender at the bottom of the mail is Dave One, both a reference to Dave Mustaine who is Megadeth's lead vocalist.
  • The lines 'state suspended cryogenics' and 'inventory foreign life forms' are almost direct quotes of the song .
  • The description for the trophy/achievement--"You found and read the secret message.Now you know too much..."--can be interpreted to be a direct quote of the song's chorus: "Possible I've been seen too much / Hangar 18 I know too much."


Deus Ex HR - Hanger 18 Achievement02:14

Deus Ex HR - Hanger 18 Achievement



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