Hacking: Analyze is one of many augmentations available in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Gain information about nodes on a network before making a decision.

Activation Cost: 2 Praxis Points

Detection Feedback (Upgrade)
  • Upgrade Requirement: Hacking Analyze Add-on Augmentation
  • Upgrade Cost: 1 Praxis Point
  • Use: Place cursor over any node to see the chances of detection
  • Activation: Automatic
  • Energy Consumption: None
Analyze All Datastores (Upgrade)
  • Upgrade Requirement: Detection Feedback Upgrade
  • Upgrade Cost: 1 Praxis Point
  • Use: Place cursor over datastore to view its content.
  • Activation: Automatic
  • Energy Consumption: None


Hacking: Analyze allows the player to view information on a node during hacking. While this serves little purpose when the player is being traced, upon first entering the hacking screen for a terminal, this augmentation allows the player to fully analyze the map, letting the player plan a route beforehand.

The first level of this augmentation merely allows the player to view the chances of detection upon hacking any node without having to already be adjacent to it. This chance is lowered by upgrades in Hacking: Stealth, and as the chances of detection remain constant for the various security levels of nodes, this upgrade is perhaps not very useful.

The second level however, allows the player to view the contents of data stores in terminals, allowing the player to know beforehand the various rewards for hacking them and perhaps if that data store is even worth hacking at all. Data store rewards come in three varieties: "sensitive data", which rewards EXP, credit stashes, and nuke or stop software.

This is a passive augmentation and does not have an energy cost or need to be activated.

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