Grey Skies is an eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It can be found in the Picus TV lobby in Picus Communications during the mission Confronting Eliza Cassan.


The Aging of the World

The changing face of the people of the world beyond 2025 stems in systemic improvements in human mortality rates and medical technologies - simply put, as a species we live longer, and the impact of a shrinking youth bulge across many nations combined with the "grey surge" of senior citizens asks many questions about how global culture will evolve in the next twenty-five years.

China's working-age populace has been in decline since 2015, and while increased automation has bridged the gap, the greater number of retirees has been accelerated by a combination of a cultural tradition of early retirement and decades of government-mandated limited childbirth policies, instigated in order to limit stress on natural resources; while in neighboring Japan, for every two working-age citizens there is one senior, putting considerable pressure on geriatric support structures. Globally, the ratio is closer to one to three.

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