The Greasel Pit is a bar located in Lower Seattle. The bar can be found down a flight of stairs, across from the Inclinator. Sid Black is staying here with his girlfriend while the player is in town, so Alex may ask Sid about flying him to Mako Ballistics. Leo Jankowski can also be found here, where he has accepted his first job from the Omar, and Ava Johnson has somehow tapped a holodeck in the bar, so here she will also ask the player to rescue her helicopter from the WTO. In the basement, patrons hold greasel fights (the leading champion is Gobzilla), and the player can bet Credits on greasels to make a profit. Upon entering the compound, all patrons must agree to have all their Weapons "locked" by nanites, though their weapons will be automatically unlocked as they exit the building.


The Greasel Pit

The Greasel Pit

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