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GARM computer Orlov

One of the computers in G.A.R.M.

There are numerous computers located around G.A.R.M., used by the Illuminati mercenaries stationed there. They are concentrated in Hangars 1 and 2, the two main areas in G.A.R.M. The computers are mostly given ID numbers, rather than displaying the name of the owner.

Hangar 1Edit

GARM ID742Edit

This computer is located in the room containing the ice drill controls, directly beside the drill before it has been moved, and has a security rating of 3. The e-mails are in French since the facility is located in Switzerland, where French is an official language.

Cylindre Foreuse Dangeroux!Edit

From: securite@MARG.genmail.mail
To: MARG_Tous

Bonjour à tous,

Ce message POUR VOUS AVERTIR que le méga cylindre livré avec la foreuse n'est pas aux bonnes dimensions. Si l'opérateur n'encadre pas strictement les forages, il y a des risques de percer le hangar voisin et de causer de sérieux dégâts. Nous avons commandé un cylindre de replacement, mais en attendant, comme nous ne pouvons pas nous permettre de suspendre les travaux, merci de garder en tête les consignes de sécurité.

D'autre part, n'oubliez pas que seuls les employés ayant suivi la formation d'opérateur de foreuse sont autorisés à manipuler la machine. C'est capital ! En cas d'accident causé par un opératuer non habilité, nous ne sommes pas couverts par l'assurance.

Lena Amacher
Chef de la sécurité du MARG

RE: C'est l'enfer à la salles de commandesEdit

From: securite@MARG.genmail.mail
To: Bastien Erb

Salut Bastien,

Étant donné que ce panneu d'isolation servait à isoler la salle des commandes de la foreuse, je comprends que les bruits du hangar puissent te déranger. Je te confirme que cette gêne est temporaire et qu'il sera très bientôt remplacé!

Petite remarque, si je peux me permettre : modère-toi un peu ! Les rumeurs qui circulent comme quoi le panneau aurait été retiré pour être revendu suite aux coupes budgétaires n'ont pas été du goût de tout le monde... même si c'est une blague :)

Je te tiendrai au courant dès que j'en saurai plus sur la date de livraison.

Bien à toi,
Lena Amarcher
Chef de la sécurité du MARG

De: Bastien Erb
À: securite@MARG.genmail.mail
Objet: C'est l'enfer à la salle des commandes


Est-ce que quelqu'un sait quand ce putain de truc au plafond sera remplacé UNE BONNE FOIS POUR TOUTES?!?! J'en peux plus du vacarme du hanger !


WKS ID569Edit

It has a security rating of 3.

RE: Forget something?Edit

From: Tommy
To: Goran

Shit sorry. 6653.

From: Goran
To: Tommy
Subject: Forget something?

Tommy when you update the door code you update the laser grid code as well right?

WKS ID436Edit

It has a security rating of 3.

Neglecting detailEdit

From: Jorge
To: Augustus

Hahahaha... yes I got your "joke". It's more of a pun, actually. Anyways, no problem. I'll get started cleaning in the break room.

PS - If you need to know, I'm giving Yevgeny private chess lessons in exchange for computer help. Also, mind your own fucking business.


From: Augustus
To: Jorge
Subject: Neglected detail


PK's rotated to you this week, sorry. No one likes it but there it is. And no pawning it off (hahaha, get the joke?) on someone else this time. It's not fair to the others to bait them into doing your detail by playing them at chess. It's like watching Kasparov play an infant with these mouth-breathers.

Oh yeah, and what's with you and Yevgeny anyway? Saw you two hanging out at the lockers in the box guard tent. You two hiding something in there?


RE: Strange error messageEdit

From: Yevgeny
To: Augustus

Same source as last time. I'll take care of it.


From: Augustus
To: Yevgeny
Subject: Strange error message

Hi Yevgeny,

I got another one of those strange text strings on my PC again. I've copied it below for you to take a look at:

Dpoubdu gspn Njtufs Nbkftujd. Pezttfvt jt bdujwf. Sif tpo pg Qptfjepo ejft jg if efwbuft gspo qmbo.[Note 1]


WKS ID267Edit

This computer has a security rating of 2.

RE: ReservesEdit

From: Alari Toom
To: Roland Galla

Of course. I will check and see how many men I can spare to you.

Good luck,

From: Roland Galla
To: Alari Toom
Subject: Baltic Reserves


I've been running through scenarios and troop formations with Viktor for the upcoming mission and I realized that we will be loosing almost twenty percent of our men to the advance team. Viktor is not happy about this. I know you guys are in strung-out shape after Dubai, but we're going to need whoever you can spare. Viktor isn't asking.


Additional men needed for StormsurgeEdit

From: OldBlueEye
To: Roland Galla


Regarding out discussion last night. I'm still not comfortable with troop numbers for Stormsurge. As I said, I won't compromise the advance team numbers as they are integral to the success of the mission. Proper infiltration and site preparation will make or break us here.

I want you to contact BH and tell Toom to provide us with an additional twenty five men from his unit. Tell him, Roland, don't ask.

WKS ID852Edit

This computer appears to be one used by Vadim Orlov when he was in the facility. It has a security rating of 3.

RE: Orchid potency exceeds expectations.Edit

From: OldBlueEye
To: Vadim Orlov

I will do what I can. And when I bring them, I will only need to know if the outcome of the dose is anything less than death. The amount of pain they feel will be irrelevant to me, doctor.

From: Vadim Orlov
To: OldBlueEye
Subject: Orchid potency exceeds expectations.

Further examination of the Orchid has revealed it has a much lower LD50 thatsicIcon sic I initially thought. The micrograms per meter dose I prescribed for Talos Rucker was three times what was actually required. Poor man, the pain he felt must have been unimaginable. I am interested to see what effect a lower does will have on multiple subjects. Can you get me additional subjects for testing?

Most likely, I will be back in BH when you bring them, but Milan knows what to do.

Your champagne order has arrivedEdit

From: shipping@freepourspirits.tmail.mail
To: Vadim Orlov

Greetings Mr. Orlov

Thank you for your recent order. I am happy to inform you that it has arrived at our distribution warehouse and is awaiting pick up as you have requested,. If you have changed your mind regarding delivery of the shipment, please contact me and I will gladly arrange this for you. If you still prefer to have the cases picked up, they will be carefully packed and crated and ready for when you or a member of your staff arrive. I hope you enjoy your upcoming party.

Kind Regards,
Valentin Goehner


This computer belongs to Viktor Marchenko, and is located in his office overlooking Hangar 1. It has a security rating of 4.


To: OldBlueEye

Your message could not be delivered.

From: OldBlueEye
To: AlisaM

Lastochka,[Note 2]

Why would you tell me this now? What possible reason might you have? Do you wish me to stop or are you just sickened by your own guilt?

It matters not. I exhausted myself, raging through all that might have been but, even if it's true, how could I let her see me now? You know what I've done. I may blame others for re-forging the man inside but the rest is my own doing, regardless of any doubt. Even this ending is my own choice. You and any others simply allowed me to become the monster I needed to be.

Yet if I cannot forgive you, perhaps I might still understand. I know well the cancerous pain that comes with failure, and failing to keep safe that which is most important to us brings the worst pain of all.

Be at peace, Lastochka. It's clear to me now that the death or rebirth of what I held dear simply reinforces my goal. I've always tried to hold firm to my convictions for the sake of everyone, from Dultsev in Lukyanivska until the very end we hold before us now.

The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness... This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.

From where I have gone there is no coming back. I think I've always known that.

I need to go.

Your Viteka.

Trouble's comingEdit

From: Elanus Caeruleus
To: OldBlueEye

Trouble coming.
ETA 4 hrs.
Be ready.

Operation UpdateEdit


Approaching target coordinates 24°57'N 55°20'E.

Meteorological data indicates high pressure system approaching rapidly. Anticipate increased strong winds, possible sand-storm. Will provide operational advantage. Gold masks will hopefully help with visibility... color notwithstanding. All signs indicate that no parties suspect ambush. Will keep advised.



  1. This is a message encrypted with a Caesar cipher (with a shift of 25). When decrypted, it reads:
    Contact from Mister Majestic. Odysseus is active. Rhe son of Poseidon dies if he devates fronsicIcon sic plan
    Mister Majestic likely refers to Bob Page, the leader of Majestic 12, and the son of Poseidon to Viktor Marchenko (who is given a killswitch).
  2. "Lastochka" means "swallow" (bird) in Russian. Here it is probably used as a term of endearment (similar to "honey" or "pumpkin"), or it could be a nickname Viktor gave to his wife.

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