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Federal Emergency Management Agency


Jimmy Carter


Walton Simons (2052)


Emergency disaster management


Washington, D.C.



Notable members

Aston Greer


Bob Page
Majestic 12

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is a government agency of the United States. Operating as part of Homeland Security, it is a powerful agency responsible for much of the underhanded and secretive activities of the U.S. government.


Between 2027 and 2052, the Federal Emergency Mobilisation Administration was reorganized and renamed the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Former activities of the agency, including the establishment of the network of detention camps throughout the United States and its use of RX 84 to enact martial law have been exposed in tabloids, but the claims have been largely dismissed by the public.[1]

The new FEMA is explicitly tasked with handling responses to natural and domestic disasters within the United States. After a blackmail performed by Bob Page, Walton Simons took over as the director of FEMA in order to further Majestic 12's goals of establishing a New World Order. This let FEMA gain significant power, taking control of smaller organizations such as UNATCO, and allowed them to control the media and transportation. They are capable of imposing curfews on more populated cities, and have their own private armed forces to help enforce their laws.

Throughout Deus Ex, FEMA takes an unusually aggressive stance against terrorism and rioting in cities such as New York to improve their public image and excuse their extreme actions. By the end of the game, they either kill or force certain individuals within UNATCO to resign if they are too experienced, or otherwise not naive enough to follow MJ12's orders entirely faithfully. Many of MJ12's Troopers, Commandos, Men in Black and Women in Black work for FEMA as a public front for MJ12's normally covert actions.



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