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Family News Network is a newspaper appearing in Deus Ex.


A Lesson for Our PresidentEdit

Family News Network -- Dave Wary Editorial

When the other kids on my block elected me King of the World, a political office open (thankfully) only to eight-year-olds, I moved quickly to consolidate my power. I declared that all subsequent elections were forbidden, that the office of King was reserved to me and my descendants for all eternity.

I don't remember what morsels of political philosophy were hurled at me. "That ain't fair!" perhaps, or "You can't do that!"

My rebuttal? "Yes I can. I'm King."

All subsequent debate involved rocks. Even Gretchen, green-eyed lovely Gretchen, held me pinned to the ground as the others asserted their own right to the throne with whatever stones happened to be within easy reach.

With a 35 percent approval rating after the U.N. funding fiasco, President Mead should reflect that these children -- and millions of other free thinkers -- have reached voting age.

Who wants to cast the first stone?

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