Chapter 4 - A Wolf Among Sheep
En route to recover the Typhoon, Jensen discovered a Purity First terrorist trying to steal it. But the so-called extremist was secretly augmented and killed himself to avoid interrogation. Hoping to find answers, Jensen confronted Zeke Sanders, the Purity First leader, who swore up and down he didn't know his man was enhanced. Jensen let Sanders escape, determined to focus on the Aug...

M3 - Extraction is a mission in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Primary objectiveEdit

Meet Malik on the roofEdit

After dealing with Zeke Sanders, go through the door. On the right you will see police trying to break open a door if Sanders escaped. On the left is the door to the helipad. If both Greg and Josie Thorpe survived, you can talk to Greg here and tell him that his wife is fine, leading to him promising you a reward for your work. He will also apologize for doubting you if you had not reassured him of his wife's safety earlier.

To end the mission speak to Faridah at the VTOL.

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