System Rift "You won't regret this."
"I already do."
— Spoilers for the System Rift follow!
System Rift

Expose the Truth! is a secret achievement/trophy in the System Rift expansion for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is awarded once you have chosen what to do with the information you uncover in the Palisade Blade.


Once you have left the Blade and returned to Jensen's apartment, you will be contacted by Pritchard one last time. During the conversation, the murder of Simona Saridakis is discussed, and you need to decide what to do with the evidence that incriminates Masaaki Oshiro and Ashani Talwar in her death. Additionally, the information reveals that Stanton Dowd is blackmailing Oshiro and Talwar to give his organization access to data on Palisade's servers. You can chose to release it onto the darknet, hand it over to the lawyer of Niko Saridakis, Simona's husband, or to destroy it. Picking any of these choices will grant you the achievement.

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