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— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

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This page is dedicated to revealing the exact amount of experience points awarded during different stages of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with the goal of obtaining the most XP possible. By following this guide you should be able to unlock most available augmentations by the end of the game.

It contains major spoilers and presupposes good knowledge of the game's mechanics. Therefore it is not recommended as a guide on a first playthrough — refer to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided walkthrough instead.

Starting NotesEdit


  • TOT: Total XP in a sub-section.
  • GTD: Getting Things Done (for completing a main mission objective). (various)
  • COM: Completionist (for completing a side mission objective). (various)
  • GHO: Ghost. (200 XP)
  • SMO: Smooth Operator. (200 XP)
  • SOC: Covers bonuses earned by using the CASIE aug during conversation. These include Silver Tongue, Spin Doctor, Stop the Presses, and technically, Wait for your Turn and Life Lesson. (1000/500/200/100/100 XP)
  • HAC: Covers the "default" hacking bonuses Script Kiddie, Grey Hat, Black Hat, Network Adept and Master Hacker, and also the XP bonuses from First Try and Data Extraction (if applicable). Each device is listed as (LX+Y), where X is a difficulty level and Y is a sum of XP from all data nodes. For the purposes of this guide, First Try is always included in the "default" bonus. (30/55/80/105/130 + various XP)
  • EXP: Covers the exploration bonuses Traveler, Explorer, Pathfinder and Trailblazer. (100/200/300/400 XP)
  • EBO: Scholar bonus for reading one of the 75 eBooks. Reading all 75 of them will unlock the Tablet Collector  achievement. (100 XP)
  • TRO/VET/ELT: Number of enemies who, when neutralized, reward you with the Trooper/Veteran/Elite bonus in a particular part of the level. Includes the Merciful Soul and the method of neutralization bonuses. Note that many normally friendly NPCs may turn hostile to the player if attacked or provoked (street policemen, armed civilians, etc.), but since no XP rewards are given for dealing with them they are not included in these counts. (40/50/60 XP)
  • TUR/DRO/BOT: Number of turrets/drones/SB-71 bots in a particular part of the level. (10/20/40 XP)
  • PTW: Number of environmental devices that can be (de)activated via Remote Hacking. (5 XP)
  • MCH: Number of security devices that can be (de)activated via Remote Hacking. Includes the Flawless bonus. (15 XP)
  • STD: Single takedown.
  • DTD: Double takedown. Double takedowns are listed in each part of a section like this: MAN(x)/DTD(y), where x is the number of enemies and y is the number of maximum possible double takedowns you can perform on them.
  • §XXX: For various reasons, this XP is not included in the next subtotal.
  • Sometimes codes give you more XP than hacks

Sections summariesEdit

At the end of each section you will find a summary for XP:

Section XP: N = (P1 + P2 + ...) (where Px is XP in each part of this section) Combat XP: C = X + Y

  • MAN(X)where X = number of (T)roopers + number of (V)eterans + number of (E)lites + number of possible DTDs
    • Maximum DTD: D (D*2 enemies)
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = X = T*40 + V*50 + E*60 + D*45 = X1 + X2
  • BOT(A)where A = number of (T)urrets + number of (D)rones+ number of (W)alker bots
    • Maximum BOT(XP) = Y = T*10 + D*20 + W*40 = Y1 + Y2 + Y3

Maximum Section XP: N + C
Maximum XP: Maximum XP from previous section + Maximum Section XP

Combat XP and Double Takedowns (DTDs)Edit

There will be a slight variation in earned XP depending on player's chosen combat tactics and story/dialogue choices. Since this is a guide on how to maximize XP all story-related decisions are geared towards enabling the player to engage the most enemies (without role-playing considerations) and are (probably) incompatible with certain achievements, such as Pacifist, and Foxiest of the Hounds. Though these cases are rare and clearly marked in the guide.

Every enemy in the game is presumed to be knocked out with at least with a non-lethal, "special" method and a double melee takedown whenever possible, because they net the most XP (40/50/60 XP for STD, and an extra 45 XP for the DTD). In "Combat XP" sub-section of a section summary you'll find every enemy in a level listed along with a maximum number of possible DTDs.

Strategies to approach this ideal can be found in the Double Takedowns guide.

Some enemies are tied to side-quests and will not appear until you accept a quest or complete a particular objective. They are listed like this:


  • Side-quest name:
    • TRO/VET/ELT(x): Enemies tied to side-quest.

Augmentations buildEdit

Here is the list of augmentations required to get every XP reward listed on this page. This guide was done in stealth and takedowns-only playstyle so the augmentations choice reflects that too.

Mandatory augs

  • Quicksilver Reflex Booster (Multiple Take-Down): Enables the double takedowns and should be activated as soon as possible.
  • Hacking: Capture (Level 2 + 3 + 4 + 5): Must be upgraded to level 3 during your visit to Růžička Station, and up to level 5 before you leave Golem City. Unlike Deus Ex: Human Revolution, upgrading it doesn't lower the chances of detection.
  • Remote Hacking (Environmental Domination + Security Domination): Enables remote hacking. On New Game+ playthroughs, it should be already active during the Dubai mission, since there is a single radio in that level.
  • Social Enhancer: Provides numerous alternative conversation paths. Several side missions during your first stay in Prague requires it.

Mandatory "single use" augs

This list is incomplete. You can help the Deus Ex Wiki by expanding it.

Non-mandatory, but highly useful augs

  • Move/Throw Heavy Objects: Moving heavy objects will enable quick shortcuts through levels, provide new tactical opportunities and will make certain tasks (like stealthily hacking computers) a lot easier.
  • Jump Enhancement: There is a lot of hidden places to explore which naturally requires a lot of jumping. And though every hidden place can be reached through crate stacking, it's hardly worth the effort.
  • Punch Through Wall: Not necessary to break the weak walls (they can be destroyed with explosives or normal weapons), but without highlighting this aug provides, it's rather hard to notice them unless you already know where to look.
  • Icarus Landing System: Used to circumvent Adam's low tolerance for falling damage; comes in handy during the exploration.
  • Glass-Shield Cloaking System: Highly useful for aggressive non-lethal/Ghost playstyle. Some DTDs are very hard to perform without it. Also allows easy hacking, since the energy drain from the cloak stops while you are in the hacking interface.

Dubai Edit

Part I - Restore Power to the Keypad Edit

  • EXP(100): Airshaft with a triangle code in it.
  • HAC(30): Door (L1) to which the power had to be restored.
  • GTD(500): open the aforementioned door.

Part II - Jam the Signal Booster & Seal Off Access to the Atrium Edit

  • TRO(x23)/DTD(x11): 3 in the section before the lifts, 1 right after the lifts, 5 in the observation lounge, 1 on a balcony overlooking the lounge, 1 in the left corridor, 2 in the lower level of the left penthouse, 1 in the upper level of the left penthouse, 2 in the lower level of the right penthouse, 2 in the upper level of the right penthouse (next to the signal jammer), 2 in the right corridor, 3 before the exhibition hall's entrance.
  • HAC(30): Door (L1) of the storage/locker room area.
  • EXP(100): Shaft of the non-working lift. Requires punching through a wall from the locker room area.
  • EXP(100): Vent circling around the room at the end of the left corridor. It's grating will fall off as you pass by.
  • EXP(100): Gas filled service area in the left penthouse.
  • EBO(100): Sitting on a crate right next to the signal jammer.
  • §PTW(x1): Radio in the observation lounge. Since this bonus is only available in NG+, this guide will ignore it later on.
  • GTD(250): (Secondary) Jam the Signal Booster
  • GHO(200)
  • HAC(30): Door (L1) leading to the exhibition hall.
  • GTD(500): Seal off Access to the Atrium
  • GHO(200)

Part III - Stop the Chopper from Escaping Edit

This article is a stub, an article too short to provide more than rudimentary information about a subject. You can help the Deus Ex Wiki by expanding it.

Because of the strict time limit on these objectives (100 seconds to keep Singh alive, 175 seconds to stop the chopper) and the TF29 team "assisting" you with gunfire, the assumption of performing all seven DTDs are very much theoretical.

  • VET(x15)/DTD(x7): If undisturbed, they will cluster in the right side of the atrium, closer to the gallery with the TF29 members.
  • EXP(100): On the left side of the atrium, on a path covered by metal scaffolding.
  • GTD(500): Stop the Chopper from Escaping
  • GHO(200)
  • GTD(1000): (Secondary) Protect Singh
  • GHO(200)

Section XP: 4240

  • GTD: 2750 = 500 + 250 + 500 + 500 + 1000
  • GHO: 800 = 4* 200
  • HAC: 90 = 3*30
  • EXP: 500 = 5*100
  • EBO: 100 = 1*100

Combat XP: 2330

  • MAN(38)
    • Maximum DTD: 18
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = 2330 = 38*40 + 18*45 = 1520 + 810

Maximum Section XP: 6570
Maximum XP: 6570

Prague, first visit Edit

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Zeleň Apartments Edit

Adam's Apartment Edit

  • EBO(100): In the secret compartment next to Adam's bed. It also contains a triangle code and a pocket secretary.
  • EBO(100): On the kitchen island, next to Adam's computer.
  • EBO(100): On the living room table.
  • §PTW(x3): The radio in the bedroom, the radio in the kitchen, and the TV screen.
  • GTD(1950): Regroup Before Heading Out
  • HAC(130): Door (L1+100) to the apartment. Requires locking the door from the home computer, then leaving through the bathroom window. By doing this repeatedly, the Data Extraction bonus can be acquired multiple times.

Apartment 41 (Josef Severn) Edit

  • HAC(30): Door (L1) to the apartment.
  • §HAC(230): Computer (L3+150) in the living room.
  • EBO(100): In the living room.

Apartment 32 (Olivier Berthelot) Edit

  • §PTW(x1) the TV screen.
  • §HAC(255): Computer (L4+150) on the bed.

Also contains a Praxis kit (1/20) in a hidden compartment under the floorboards.

Apartment 31 (Daria Myška) Edit

  • HAC(30): Door (L1) to the apartment.
  • §HAC(105): Computer (L4) at the bedroom window.
  • §PTW(x4): 3 window shieldings and a TV.

Apartment 23 (Teresa Petrauskas) Edit

  • §HAC(80): Door (L3) to the apartment.
  • §HAC(105): Computer (L2+50) at the bed.
  • §HAC(80): Safe (L3) hidden behind the fridge. Requires the Move/Throw Heavy Objects aug, or the use of explosives.
  • §PTW(x2): A radio in the bathroom, and a TV.
  • §EBO(100): Next to the bedroom door, on a counter.

Apartment 22 (Bonbon) Edit

  • §HAC(55): Door (L2) to the apartment.
  • §HAC(180): Computer (L3+100) in the kitchen, behind a box.
  • §PTW(x1): The TV screen.
  • TRO(x1): The Dvali thug circling the room.
  • EXP(200): The vent connecting the kitchen and the staircase.

Apartment 21 (Tars Rytíř) Edit

  • HAC(30): Door (L1) to the small wardrobe next to Tars.
  • HAC(30): Door (L1) to the windowed bedroom used as storage.
  • §PTW(x2): 2 window shieldings.
  • §TRO(x1): Tars Rytíř himself. Strangely, his bodyguards give no XP.

Tars is the only vendor who sells Praxis kits. At this point, only two (2&3/20) are available for 10000 credits each.

Ground level Edit

  • §HAC(55): Door (L2) to the left storage area.
  • §HAC(55): Door (L2) to the right storage area.
  • §EXP(200): Vent on the ceiling of the left storage area, leading to an utility corridor. Also accessible from Apartment 23 via wall-busting.

Překážka District, Part I Edit

For the sake of simplicity, this section of the guide beelines to finishing M3: Getting in Top Shape Again, in order to allow all necessary augmentations to be unlocked. This is not necessarily optimal: since most of Adam's augmentations will be disabled at the end of that mission, completing tasks requiring these augs will allow the player to delay re-enabling them for much later into the game, alleviating the early game Praxis point starvation. However, this "soft sequence breaking" would make this guide much less comprehensible, therefore it will be avoided.

Kazatel's Courtyard Edit

  • §TRO(x1): Kazatel himself. (His bodyguards give no XP.) However, the Point of Interest missions that he enables a much more valuable, so you should leave him unharmed.

Collect the vial of Neuropozyne from the balcony above, and buy at least Info A.

Helena Volin's Apt. Edit

Activate the scissor-lift under the Velvet Rock, then climb up to the apartment above the police checkpoint.

  • COM(350): POI: Shots Fired
  • EXP(300): Discovering the flat.
  • EBO(100): On the ground near the easel.
  • §HAC(130): Computer (L2+100) in the back of the room.

The room also contains a triangle code in the back right corner. After collecting it, exit through the vent in the left wall.

The Time Machine Edit

  • TRO(x13): 2 at the courtyard's gate, 2 in the courtyard, 1 right outside and 1 right inside the main entrance, 2 patrolling on the ground floor, 2 inside the backstore and 3 on the gallery. Note that the will disappear once M3 is finished.
  • EXP(300): Maintenance shaft accessible via wall-busting from the decrepit room at the end of the left blind alley.
  • HAC(90): Door (L1+60) leading to the backstore.
  • HAC(90): Computer (L1+60) in the backstore, next o the previous door.
  • EBO(100): In the backstore, in the corner next to the door leading to the actual shop.
  • HAC(30): Computer (L1) on the left side of the main entrance, on the receptioner's desk.

There is also a Breach software in the Biography section, on top of an "island" bookshelf.

  • GTD(1950): Find Koller Inside the Bookstore (by entering his office)
  • GHO(200)
  • EBO(100): In Koller’s office, on the table with the female statue.
  • §HAC(55): Koller's computer, on his desk. (You may have to come back here after reactivated the Hacking: Capture level 2 aug.)
  • GTD(3150): Go to Koller's Dungeon. (Also awards 9 free Praxis kits.)

At this point, Adam's augs are reset, and the player is free to spend their accumulated Praxis points. (14 in total, if this guide was followed.)

Section XP: 4910

  • GTD: 2750 = 1950 + 1950 + 3150
  • GHO: 200 = 1*200
  • HAC: 460 = 8*30 + 220
  • EXP: 800 = 1*200 + 2*300
  • EBO: 700 = 7*100

Combat XP: 790

  • MAN(13)
    • Maximum DTD: 6
    • Maximum MAN(XP) = 790 = 13*40 + 6*45 = 520 + 270

Maximum Section XP: 5700
Maximum XP: 12270

Překážka District, Part II Edit

Koller's Workshop

  • EBO(100): In Koller's workshop, look on the nightstand next to the bed.
  • EBO(100): Also in Koller's workshop. You have to move a painting to reveal the secret passage to get to a room fille with gas. The eBook is in the right locker.
  • HAC(80): A safe (L3) in the same room. Contains a praxis kit (4/20) and a triangle code.

There is also a Breach software on Koller's desk, and 2 vials of Neuropozyne around the room.

This article is a stub, an article too short to provide more than rudimentary information about a subject. You can help the Deus Ex Wiki by expanding it.

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