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Emerald suites

The Emerald Suites is an apartment complex located in the Upper Seattle. Several high-rollers live here, from Leila Nassif, to the Minister of Culture. The hotel is guarded by 2 SSC security guards, 1 CC-75 Security bot on the roof, and at least 1 light spider bot in the air vents. The penthouse elevator is currently broken down, but the mechanic will sell the player codes to different apartments for a moderately high fee.


  • Leila Nassif has an apartment here, though she leaves Seattle at the beginning of the game. Billie Adams still asks the player to enter her apartment for information about ApostleCorp.
  • The Minister of culture currently resides in the penthouse, though he is out at Club Vox. The player can break in through the elevator shaft or a vent in the stairwell, or they may get the key by becoming the ministers chamber boy.
  • Kevin O'Rourke, a lawyer and underground Arms Dealer, shares a large apartment with one armed guard. The Club Vox Owner will ask you to kill Kevin, who is interfering with the business of local Omar Traders; Kevin will also ask you to turn on the Owner for a larger reward. The player may break into the apartment through the alarm-rigged skylights, or they may claim to be a contact for a "David Kurzec"
  • In the apartment next to Nassif's lives a thief plannning to break into the culture minsiters secret room. The apartment can only be entered via the airvent.

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