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Elizabeth "Beth" DuClare is among the Council of Five who lead the Illuminati prior to the Majestic 12 coup, and the mother of Nicolette DuClare.


Born into great affluence as a daughter of one of the richest dynasties of the Earth, she became a powerful Illuminatus and a member of the Council of Five by birthright.

2020's Edit

DuClare is in charge of the World Health Organization in the 2020s, operating from Dubai and Geneva.[1][2] As the WHO's spokesperson, she announces the need for a replacement biochip following the glitch experienced by augmented people in 2027.[3] She is described as a uniquely influential member to Lucius DeBeers, and also as a very cold woman with no regrets regarding the Illuminati's atrocities.

In 2028, DuClare is in a private meeting with Lucius DeBeers at Hotel Imperioli, Sorrento-Italy. Her role as de-facto head of WHO gave DuClare access to experimental medical systems and help DeBeers fight off the ravages of time and illness, creating a special bond between them. During the meeting they talk about the other members of the Council, of Janus and his Collective, who strikes Illuminati's grand, complex plan for mankind, with DuClare that reassures him that she unmasks Janus.

She shares also a special relationship with future U.S. President Philip Mead and groomed his political career.[4]

Hiding Edit

After the successful coup orchestrated by Majestic 12 on the Illuminati, she goes into hiding and becomes intensely paranoid. She and Nicolette rarely leave Chateau DuClare, where she monitors MJ12 activity from a secret routing station in the cellar.

Beth DuClare is subsequently murdered by Majestic 12 six months before the events of Deus Ex. According to Icarus, Beth DuClare was dissected after her assassination and placed in cryonic storage.


  • It was suggested that Beth's daughter, Nicolette, could be a direct clone of her mother with only minor cosmetic alterations.[5]
  • It seems that DuClare has a dislike to the "Dowd's Templars minions" since, as she tells DeBeers during their meeting, their presence made her leave Paris and her Chateau.[2]
  • DuClare is likely close with Delara Auzenne, since Delara uses her avatar during Illuminati's virtual conference, and calls her by first name, "Elizabeth", when talking to DeBeers.[6]


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