Elias Chikane's computer is a computer that appears in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is in use by Elias Chikane and is located in Chikane's Place in Prague.

The computer is hidden in a secret room on the bottom floor of his home and has a security rating of 3.



From: Dr. Delara Auzenne
To: Elias Chikane

Director Miller has told me you don't come into the office very often, but I was hoping we could find a time for you to talk to me. Standard procedure. New shrink has to poke her fingers in everyone's pie. You were in the SAAF right? I think we might have some friends in common.


Disappearing trickEdit

From: tbirdair@tmail.mail
To: Elias Chikane

What the hell happened to you last night, man? You get some kind of 911 or somethignsicIcon sic? Looked around at midnight and you were gone. Nobody saw you take off either. Course, we were all a bit wasted by then. Shoulda seen the size of the bill.

SpeakignsicIcon sic of which... you know Kruger's retiring, right? Well, next time yoursicIcon sic at the airfield, be prepared to ante up. We're passing a hat, hoping to raise enough to buy him a REAL parting gift. And I don't want to hear you complainignsicIcon sic that you only buy gifts for people you like. Because everybody loves Jerry.

Seriously. You can afford to dish out 20 credits.

Payment receivedEdit

From: billing@JHBPCH.corp
To: Elias Chikane

Mr. Chikane,

A payment has just been processed on your account. However, the bill is still two months in arrears.

As this is the third time this has occurred, if the bill is not paid in its entirety by the end of the month, we will have no choice but to have your foster brother transferred to a public facility.

Please contact Administration for further discussion.

Alletta Barnard
Head of Billing Department
Johannesburg Assisted Living Complex