Electronics: By studying electronics and its practical application, agents can more efficiently bypass a number of security systems using multitools.
Level Points
Description​ Multitool
Untrained N/A An agent can bypass security systems.​ 10%
Trained 1800 The efficiency with which an agent bypasses security increases slightly.​ 25%
Advanced 3600 The efficiency with which an agent bypasses security increases moderately.​ 40%
Master 6000 An agent encounters almost no security system of any challenge.​ 75%

There is a bug that allows the player to bypass a security system with only one multitool. After activating the multitool, open the inventory menu (default F1), and wait for the amount of time needed to finish bypassing the system under normal circumstances. Exit the inventory menu, and the system will be bypassed. This bug also occurs with lockpicks. It is fixed with the Shifter mod.

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