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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

The EXO-suit is an enemy unit in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Background Edit

The EXO-suit by itself is a heavily plated robotic shell that one can use in place of having augmentations. The user is encased by the shell and controls it from within and is able to withstand certain attacks that other enemies are susceptible to. EXO-suits usually come mounted with a heavy machine gun on their right arm.

By 2029, they are used by many security forces, like Prague Police and Tarvos Security Services, in place of augmented guards.

Strategy Edit

EXO-suits behave like a weaker, but more agile, version of Lawrence Barrett from Deus Ex: Human Revolution but do not use as many grenades. They act more like a tank, suppressing fire to allow other guards to move in.

An EXO-suit can not be taken out with a takedown or stunned in one hit as they can withstand this attack and trying to do so will result in a high damage counterattack against the player. Instead, one must incapacitate them first, usually by using a stun gun or EMP grenade/mine, then rushing in to do a takedown while stunned or using a gas grenade. If one only uses a stun gun, it take many hits before they will fall down, though being shocked repeatedly prevents them from being able to attack back before eventually falling.

Due to their extremely thick armor, they should always be engaged with high powered weapons, loaded with armor piercing rounds. A fully upgraded revolver (any variant) or battle rifle (standard or Elite Edition) is preferable. Engaging with slower firing weapons like the shotgun or Lancer is not recommended, as an EXO-suit can do tremendous damage if the target is exposed to their line of fire.

They can take 6-7 rounds from a fully upgraded battle rifle, loaded with armor piercing ammo.

Trivia Edit

  • Artist concept renders refer to EXO-suit enemies as "Ogres". Even though they are not augmented and thus do not fit the criteria to be classified as an Ogre in the story, for gameplay purposes they fill the exact same role as their augmented counterparts.[1]
  • Their arm mounted weapon is apparently a fully automatic rifle, firing 7.62x51 rounds. As this type of ammo can be found on neutralized EXO-suits.
  • They often carry gas grenades in their inventory, despite never using them.
  • Their ability to counter takedowns is reminiscent of the Tyrants in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, as previously, the Tyrants were the only enemies shows to be capable of countering Jensen's takedowns. This may indicate that the suits enhance the pilot's reflexes and reaction time, as well as strength. They are also the first non-boss enemies shown to be able to counter takedowns.

Gallery Edit

Sculpt RendersEdit

  1. Deus Ex Mankind Divided : Mechanical Ogre game res

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