Downloadable content (DLC) is a content distributed through the internet, created as extras separate from the main game release. DLC can add new game areas, weapons, items, and/or extended the storyline.

Deus Ex: Human RevolutionEdit

The first game in the Deus Ex series to feature downloadable content was Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with a current total of 2 pre-order bonuses and one add-on released in October 2011 on all platforms:

Please see the Deus Ex: Human Revolution page on Steam for more information.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Edit

Main article: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided § Downloadable Content

Jensen's Stories:

Items and Gear Packs:

  • Intruder Gear*
  • Enforcer Gear*
  • Classic Gear*
  • Augmented Covert Agent Consumables Pack*
  • Assault Pack
  • Tactical Pack

* indicates free downloads