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  • Iwantacallisto

    The prequel novella titled Deus Ex: Fallen Angel can now be read for free courtesy of Eidos Montréal. It stars Faridah Malik and is writen by James Swallow who also wrote Deus Ex: Icarus Effect. I believe it was only available to those who preordered the Directors Cut of Human Revolution from Square En…

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  • Iwantacallisto

    Having been on this wiki for a number of months, I've noticed quite a few things that are done inconsistently throughout the wiki. There have been occasions where I wasn't sure how to format something etc. because it wasn't dealt with in the current guidelines. Considering they haven't been changed…

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  • ResistanZ

    So I've been thinking about it lately and from my perspective, it seems that this particular wiki has too many bureaucrats. There are actually more bureaucrats than there are admins, which seems a little absurd to me. The truth of the matter is that Deus Ex is a topic that some people are really pa…

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  • ResistanZ

    Sorry In Advance...

    December 7, 2014 by ResistanZ

    For the next few hours, and hopefully not the next few days, the wiki activity list is going to get spammed by all of the minor changes I'm making. I'm obsessive about uniformity across the entirety of the wiki, such as having the word "e-mail" in some articles and "email" in others. These types of…

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