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    On the 14th of March, 2014, Square Enix Ltd filed in the United Kingdom a trademark application for "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided". It, however, entered OHIM's database yesterday, on March 27th.

    HERE: htt…

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    Three new screenshots of the PC version of Deus Ex: The Fall has been released. And it looks amazing! Click on the images to see them in more detail.

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    After the rumor here is the official announcement: the PC version of Deus Ex: The Fall will be available on Steam on 25 March at a price of £7.99/€9.99/$9.99. This port will introduce several improvemen…

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    David Anfossi has released a post in the community of Deus Ex and Eidos Montreal with new information about the universe of Deus Ex, and the sequel (for PC and console) of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. …

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    While looking through game files of Deus Ex: The Fall, I noticed things that I haven't previously seen in the game. First, there are some weapon inventory view image with file name containing "Austral…

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