Deus Ex: Invisible War cut content refers to content in Deus Ex: Invisible War which was cut from the final version of the game.


Aquatic security botEdit

Aquatic Security Bot

The Aquatic security bot is a very large squid-like security bot. It was likely cut from the game because of the lack of water sections in Deus Ex: Invisible War.




Ceolacanth are large, nasty fish that only attacks when they are hurt.

  • Coelacanth are in reality an endangered fish that appear notably in the West Indian Ocean.
  • One reason as to why these enemies were removed was likely because Invisible War lacks any swimming or underwater sections.


Dx2 cyberdog

A Cyberdog is a mechanically augmented dog, with their physical and mental abilities having been modified robotically and cybernetically, creating a kind of canine-robot hybrid. Despite mechanical augmentation no longer being used on humans by 2072, it was planned to be used on dogs.

  • There is a reference to cyberdogs in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, when a punk talks to his friends about getting his pitbull augmented, or "dogmented," as they jokingly called the scheme.


Main article: Ruck

Ruck's are apes with implants that will follow behind you in the dark, planting LAMs. Although this creature isn't seen in the game, a journal in the ApostleCorp facility in Cairo mentions them as RUCKs, meaning that they exist in the Deus Ex universe.


Mako Ballistics 10mm pistolEdit

10mm pistol
Deus Ex IW 2

The Mako Ballistics 10mm pistol is a weapon similar to the Mako Ballistics 9mm pistol but having a black color and a different barrel at the end. Like the other Mako Ballistics, it probably uses universal ammo. A version with silencer and scope also exist.

Mako Ballistics assault rifleEdit

Deus Ex IW 1

The Mako Ballistics Assault Rifle is a scoped assault rifle with a similar form to the Mako Ballistics SMG. Contrary to the other Mako Ballistics weapons, this have red color instead of the traditional blue. Like the other Mako Ballistics, it probably uses universal ammo.

  • It was the first automatic weapon created by the developers before they finally put the Mako Ballistics SMG in-game.