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These are the available ending cutscenes in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which are based on one of the four possible final choices of the player in Panchaea. The 4 endings each will have slightly different narration from Jensen depending on whether you were good, neutral, or evil throughout the game. This means that the game has 12 unique endings.

Hugh Darrow: I Want To BelieveEdit

Requirements: Follow Darrow's request, in which nothing is held back and all information is revealed to the world. It is not explicitly stated whether all biotech research is banned, but Jensen remarks that humanity will surely fear it. it's the good ending

David Sarif: Terrorists Did It Edit

Requirements: Follow Sarif's request, where the blame will be laid at the feet of Humanity Front. This causes people to shift their anger towards extremism and allows research and technology to progress unfettered. it's the second good and evil ending

William Taggart: It Was Something In The WaterEdit

Requirements: Follow Taggart's request, this choice covers up the truth and places the blame on Neuropozyne poisoning. This results in stronger regulation, ultimately strengthening the Illuminati's position. it's the first evil ending

Self Destruction: The Truth Is Out ThereEdit

Requirements: Do not select any of the three above messages to send, but instead activate Panchaea's self-destruct mechanism. The rationale given for this action is that Jensen feels that it is not up to Darrow, Taggart, Sarif, nor even himself to determine mankind's fate. He has faith that humanity will eventually do what is best, and this is why he elects to remove them all from the equation. it' the third good and the only natural ending


Deus Ex Human Revolution - All Twelve Endings (Good Evil Neutral)26:13

Deus Ex Human Revolution - All Twelve Endings (Good Evil Neutral)

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