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The Jefferson Drive Police Department in Detroit is a location in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The first time Jensen visits the police station, he has to access the Morgue, to investigate the body of an augmented Purity First member.  There are multiple access points, including a sewers entrance, two entrances near the rear of the building, and the front door.

On the second visit to Detroit, the Police Station is no longer accessible.


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  • If citizen NPCs scream while Jensen is in the Detroit Police Station's lobby (usually caused by taking down cops on ground floor), when Jensen leave the Police Station all officers will turn to "alarmed", and in this case if Jensen exits from the front entrance, they are "hostile" now.
  • There is an easter egg in the third floor detective offices. Two detectives are talking about an 80's movie about a cop who gets shot up and is turned into a cyborg; when Jensen talks to one of them, he says 'Hey I think we were just talking about you!' The other detective's name is Alex Murphy. The movie in question is "RoboCop". Another "Robocop" reference can be found when you hack Detective Murphy's computer in his office on the third floor. The first e-mail is from Ellen, telling him that Jimmy is coming home from college and that she hopes that he can home early tonight so they can have a family dinner together. She also mentions that she hopes that Officer Lewis won't get him to do another late night shift. In the "Robocop" movies, Alex Murphy is partnered with Officer Anne Lewis. He is also married to Ellen Murphy and has a son named James.
  • On the third floor, there is a detective named McCann, who seems to specialize in investigating disappearances and abductions, with questionable luck. Det. McCann is named after Level Designer Francois McCann. The missing people would later be referenced again and could be found aboard the ship in the Missing Link DLC. 
  • On the first floor, there is a terminal with username rdeckard (password: unicorn). This is obviously a reference to Rick Deckard, the protagonist in Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and the movie adaptation Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott. On the same floor there are also several terminals with logins referencing Sci-Fi authors associated with Cyberpunk literature: hellison (Harlan Ellison), bsterling (Bruce Sterling), wgibson (William Gibson), jballard (J.G. Ballard), pdick (Philip K. Dick), bbethke (Bruce Bethke who coined the term 'Cyberpunk') and pcadigan (Pat Cadigan). Passwords to these computers are names of novels by these authors, such as "electrosheep" (pdick) or "maveric" (bbethke), or other phrases that are associated with them, such as "cordwainer" (hellison).
    • rdeckard - unicorn
    • hellison - cordwainer
    • bbethke - maveric
    • pdick - lectrolamb
    • jballard - solempire
    • wgibson -  baronnul
    • pcadigan - desprit
    • bsterling - investor
    • jchampagne - grimster
  • In the basement, there is a terminal with username mpost and the password blues, a reference to the television series Hill Street Blues, which was set in a fictional city like Detroit and about the police there.  The well-known theme song was written by Mike Post, hence the mpost username.
  • If Jensen starts a shootout at the Police HQ, a future issue of The Picus Daily Standard will report on the incident.

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