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DEHR DowntownApartments

The Detroit Downtown Apartments are a collection of four buildings bearing the same name. For clarification, this article with refer to the individual buildings by map position.

North BuildingEdit

  • Lower Floor: Seurat, a weapons dealer who will give you "the egghead discount" if you saved the Thorpe couple in the initial mission.
  • Upper Floor: Motor City Bangers hideout (associated quest: Cloak & Daggers).
  • Outside: Basketball court (associated quest: Lesser Evils and Balls).
  • Easter Egg: An apartment (behind a level 2 lock) has a box of GURPS books.

South BuildingEdit

West BuildingEdit

  • First Floor: Brian Tindall's apartment (associated quest: Lesser Evils). Security gate at the base of the building is unlocked with the code 0002.
  • Second Floor: Jack O'Malley's apartment (associated quest: Cloak & Daggers).
  • Third Floor: Illegal augmentation chopshop containing a praxis kit. The front door has Level 5 lock (code 2356), the interior has Level 2 (code 8221), and another Level 5 locks the final door (code 3663 can also be earned from the nearby Level 1 computer).

East BuildingEdit

See AlsoEdit

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