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Desperate Measures is a single mission DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is only available as a pre-order bonus or through a day-one purchase of the game. Additionally, it is included in the Collector's Edition of Mankind Divided.

Desperate Measures focuses on exposing the mastermind behind the train bombing in Růžička Station. Adam Jensen must travel to the Prague office of Tarvos Security Services to learn the truth about the bombing.

"Taking place in Prague, the ‘Desperate Measures’ extra in-game mission has you playing as Adam Jensen, returning to the epicenter of the Růžička train station explosion that recently rattled the city to its very core. With tampered security footage hampering the investigation behind the attack, you must rely on both your augmentations, and skills as a covert operative, in order to unveil the true culprit responsible for the bombing."

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