The Derelict Row Ballers are a major street gang in Detroit in 2027.


The Derelict Row Ballers are one of the two warring gangs in Detroit, along with the Motor City Bangers. Their gang color is red, and they control the area of Derelict Row.

The Ballers are pro-humanists who despise augmentation, and for this reason they especially loathe the Motor City Bangers, who are typically augmented. While gangs are traditionally organized around ethnicity and/or nationality, this does not seem to be the case with either gangs, as they both seem to be multi-ethnic. The line seems to go between augmented and non-augmented.

Though they outnumber the Bangers by a considerable amount, they lack the augmented firepower of the Bangers, and thus have been unable to drive them out.

Most of the Ballers are low-ranking street thugs armed with pistols or machine pistols. They wear red bandanas and do-rags as identification. Though primarily based in Derelict Row, the Ballers can also be found in the sewers. Each commits a murder as the final stage of their initiation into the gang.

Because of the Ballers' pro-humanist bent, Yune was able to hide out in their territory. He was able to use their television antenna to set up a covert backdoor into Sarif Industries' network.

There appears to be a growing schism in the Ballers - despite having more people than the Motor City Bangers, the Ballers have been unable to defeat them due to their augmented, and thus superior, firepower. Some of the Ballers are considering augmentation, which would allow the Ballers to defeat the Bangers once and for all.

In the wake of the Aug Incident, which hit Detroit hard, the DRB was defeated, and their turf annexed by the MCB


Being mostly untrained gangsters, the Ballers are easy foes in combat. The extent of their tactics is taking cover and suppressing fire. They are armed with machine pistols, 10mm pistols and shotguns. The shotgun wielders are the most dangerous as most of Derelict Row is tight corridors, so keep your distance or take them out first.


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