DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Doctor Delara Auzenne is the resident Criminal Psychologist at Task Force 29's Prague offices in 2029. She is described as an expert in her field, with strong knowledge of criminal behavior and hostage negotiation.[1] She is also secretly working for the Illuminati, assigned to monitor Adam Jensen.


According to Delara, she started working for LIMB International, helping the patients cope with the emotional strain of augmentation. When the Aug Incident hit, she was in a session with a 13-year old augmented girl named Madeline. The girl attacked Delara and then, terrified and crying, committed suicide by jumping out of the window. In the aftermath, Delara decided to change the focus of her practice and went on to work in the public sector (however, given that Delara is with the Illuminati, her story might be just a cover).

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Edit

Delara began to work for Task Force 29 after Joseph Mandeley's decision to add a psychiatric clinic to directly evaluate TF29 agents. However, this is a cover as she is secretly working with the Illuminati. Her real role is to monitor Adam Jensen and report directly to Lucius DeBeers.

Despite her real reasons for being there, she does keep up the psychiatrist role, evaluating all the TF29 agents for field and combat readiness as well as monitoring signs of stress that could jeopardize their work or lives. She also appears to show concern for agents that are susceptible to going off the deep end. When Vincent Black, a deep undercover agent, never showed up for his evaluation, Delara shows concern and asks Jensen to investigate Black's whereabouts.

In the mid-credits scene of Mankind Divided, Delara reports to DeBeers by secretly using Elizabeth DuClare's NSN device, telling him that Jensen is remarkably stable and that Jensen's memories are consistent with their objective. The conversation implies that there has been some alteration to Jensen's memories to assist in their attempt to find Janus, the Juggernaut Collective leader.

In the events of A Criminal Past, which takes place after Jensen's mission in London, Delara asks Jensen to recount one of his early missions in which he went undercover at an aug-only prison to make contact with Hector Guerrero, an undercover Interpol agent who had gone dark. Delara tells Jensen that she wishes to learn about Jensen's interactions with Guerrero. After Jensen finishes his story (which includes a potentially hostile confrontation between Jensen and Guerrero), Jensen asks Delara whether she would have killed an agent in front of her, with no questions asked, if she had a suspicion that the agent was bad. Delara responds by saying that may she would, if she really felt deep down that the person in front of her was no longer on her side. As Jensen is leaving Delara's office, Delara reaches for her cell phone.


  • Her blood type is B.[1]
  • During the cutscene, where Adam is on his way to Prague, you can see that Delara is the woman sleeping on Adam's shoulder, further solidifying that she is spying on him.
  • Delara's voice can be heard in several self-help/mindfulness recordings that play in the Penley T. Housefather Correctional Facility's cell blocks.
  • Daniel Fletcher apparently has a crush on Delara - his novel The Long Mean While includes a romantic plot between him and Delara.
  • In Vincent Black's apartment, a pocket secretary can be found warning about Auzenne's suspiciously eager curiosity stating that she is too intrusive with her questioning.
  • She mentions in an email to Elias Chikane about knowing the same people from his time with South African Air Force. This could be her attempt to connect with another Illuminati informant in TF29.
  • While her office door says she is a psychiatrist, everyone seems to use the terms psychiatrist or psychologist interchangeably.

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