Darker Shades is a secret achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is earned by persuading Tong Si Hung to give you the location of the hacker, Arie van Bruggen


This achievement can only be attempted after searching the hacker's apartment but before confronting the hacker in person. You must enter The Hive through the front door and talk to the bartender upstairs. This will initiate a "conversation battle", which you must win to obtain the trophy

The first correct choice is Pinpoint, but the rest of the conversation will be randomized.

CASIE pheromone optionsEdit

  • Alpha option will persuade him to talk about Van Bruggen.
  • Beta option will restart the conversation after you exit and re-enter the Hive.
  • (Omega option missing)


Deus Ex Human Revolution Achievement Trophy - Darker Shades04:42

Deus Ex Human Revolution Achievement Trophy - Darker Shades

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