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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Daria Myška is one of the residents of Zelen Apartments in Prague, and Adam Jensen's neighbor. She appears to have a love for cats, as her apartment is filled with many cat related objects and art and she is part of a cat group. Adam does not meet her until the beginning of SM10: The Harvester.

Biography Edit

Up until 2026, Daria suffered from social anxiety to the point she could not eat out in public or look people in the eye. She became a patient of Tai Yong Medical's Doctor Nicholas Cipra, who performed experimental surgery on her in hopes of putting an end to her anxiety by implanting a neural personality package. It was considered a success as noted in his report, despite her personality being overridden by the chip to the point she was eating what the personality donor typically ate.

When Adam gets back from Golem City, he can meet Daria in an alley, who appears shocked and terrified to the point she does not want to say if she saw what happened to Angela Gunn, much to Detective Karl Montag's chagrin. If The Harvester mission is finished successfully and no arrests are made, Adam will contact her to tell her to keep low, and she will be happy to know Adam is looking out for her.

Later, after Adam returns from the G.A.R.M. Facility, she will contact him, sounding scared as she believes the killer is back for her and pleads for Adam to come help her. In actuality, Daria was never in danger and was the killer of not just Angela but several others in Prague. It turns out that, because nobody was willing to come forth to donate personality packages, TYM gave incentives to penitentiaries, resulting in implanting Daria with the personality of a killer named Marek Svobotka, aka "The Harvester".

CASIE SummaryEdit

During SM11: The Last Harvest, if Jensen got Daria's override phrase (Ad hominem 2026) from Dr. Cipra, he can debate Daria instead of fighting her. Daria's CASIE summary is as follows:

Personality traits:

  • Sadistic
  • Defiant
  • Inhumane

Psychological profile:

  • Subject's personality traits are those of Marek Svobotka, the original "Harvester" killer. Whatever part of the real Daria Myška that now remains has long lain dormant. She must be found.

Notes Edit

  • If you use her override phrase and the CASIE aug, Daria's personality will successfully return and Detective Montag will take her into custody for the killings. Otherwise, you must fight her and optionally take the chip out of her to give to Cipra or Montag.
  • Given her replication of the Harvester's MO, Daria likely had the Rhino Dermal Armor augmentation or equivalent, and its EMP Shielding upgrade as well to protect herself from the EMP grenades she uses to incapacitate her victims.
  • Despite being "sent home" by Detective Montag at the end of SM10: The Harvester, Daria cannot be found in her apartment if one were to visit afterwards.
  • Daria will still appear red (hostile) in Smart Vision mode after she is talked down at the end of The Last Harvest.
  • Under the influence of the implant, Daria killed four people in total: Angela Gunn, Misha Voráček, Pavel Klíma, and Leonie Wolff, with Adam Jensen being her next intended victim.[1]
    • It is possible one of them was another member of the cat group, as one of her emails states one of them was killed.
    • The telescope in Daria's bedroom is pointed directly in the direction of Jensen's apartment, suggesting that she's been observing him for some time.
  • If you read the emails at the police station, you will see that Daria wrote to them because her cat, Starlight, is missing. However, the cat may not be real as you can find a collar with "Starlight" on a cat statue in her bedroom.


  • Despite her love for cats, Daria's last name, Myška, ironically means "little mouse" in Czech. Seemingly in reference to her last name, Montag calls Daria "little Miss Mousey."[2]
  • If Cloth Physics is disabled in the game settings, Myška's hair will not be animated and appears as a solid form that clips through her torso when her head moves during dialogue.
  • Should Jensen fail the debate with Daria or chose to fight her head on, she quite unexpectedly have access to the Titan Shield augmentation, despite it being a highly-confidential experimental system.
    • A pocket secretary found on her body contains a message from Cipra mentions her custody transfer to Vadim Orlov sometime after her initial treatment, suggesting that it was Orlov who gave her the augmentation, as he did Jensen. Why he gave it to her, though, is never explained.[3]
  • Daria's security computer's account name is "Marek Svobmyška", more proof the chip is overriding her personality.

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