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Daniel "Smiley" Fletcher is Task Force 29's senior Crime Scene Investigation technician in Eastern Europe.


Fletcher loves two things - science and women - and strives to be at the forefront of his field. He has an extensive scientific and forensic background and a brilliant mind, which have earned him an impressive reputation, along with a constant chain of female companions. He is well-liked by his colleagues, and his friendly demeanor comes as a breath of fresh air to the many troubled members of TF29.[1] Despite sometimes coming off as frantic, Fletcher is very methodical when analyzing data, something the Juggernaut Collective attests to when they verified his results were accurate on a DNA test he ran.

Like Francis Pritchard, Fletcher writes fictionalized accounts of his own life and work. His novel The Long Mean While was rejected by publishers who described it as implausible and out of their comfort zone. Despite this, a copy of the novel can be found in Oleg Drago's apartment in Prague. Bizarrely, the novel includes Delara Auzenne as a love interest for Fletcher despite the fact that it can be found before she arrives at Task Force 29.

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