Deus Ex has various types of damage the player can both receive and deal, with different effects and ways to defend against.


Ballistic damage is the standard weapon damage inflicted by all weapons, from knives to rifles. Ballistic armor and Ballistic Protection will protect from ballistic damage.


Fire is an overtime effect inflicted by weapons like the flamethrower. Using the Energy Shield Augment and Hazmat Suits protect from fire damage.


This type of damage occurs if JC swims underwater for too long, and runs out of oxygen. This damages the torso section only. Using augments like Aqualung and devices like the Rebreather can extend how long JC can remain underwater, protecting the player from asphyxia.


A damage over time effect, induced by tranquilizer darts or toxic gases. If JC is hit by darts, he will be given a blurred vision, similar to if JC consumes multiple alcoholic drinks. Gas grenades causes a yellow tint to appear on the screen and only damage the torso section of the player. Similar to radiation, Environmental Resistance and Hazmat suits will protect from poison damage.


Radiation is an environmental effect found in several locations in Deus Ex. It is emitted from certain objects, notably toxic waste barrels, spilled piles of toxic waste, and Greys in Area 51. Radiation is fairly uncommon, but can be encountered in small amounts, such as in Vandenberg or Area 51, while it can be encountered in much larger amounts, such as in Paris. Hazmat Suits and Environmental Resistance serve to reduce damage from radiation.


Plasma is an immediate damage effect caused by weapons like the Plasma rifle (DX) and PS20. It will blind the player if they are hit by it while inflicting damage. The Energy Shield augment will protect from Plasma damage.


Electrical damage is inflicted by electrical hazards, alongside weapons like the Riot Prod and Spider Bots. The Energy Shield augment and Hazmat Suits reduce damage from electricity.


Electromagnetic pulse attacks damage JC's bioenergy. Hazmat Suits and EMP Shield reduce damage taken from EMP.

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