The Dávný District (also Dávný Obvod District and Dávný Čtvrť), literally "bygone, long-time, or ancient" district, is one of the three districts in the northern part of Prague in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

This district is located between Čistá Čtvrť and the Red Light District. The boundary between Dávný District and Čistá Čtvrť is marked by three archways, respectively located at the east side of the plaza overlooking the Vltava River, at the east end of the Pedestrian Bridge, and at the east of the Tourist Center.

Characteristics Edit

In contrast to the modern appearance of Čistá Čtvrť, the Dávný District has an older, more traditional appearance.

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North-side areas Edit

Dolní Kostelní Ulice (Lower Church Street) Edit

This street connects to the Red Light District at both ends and wraps around Lekarna Pharmacy.

Kajícníkova Cesta (Kajícníkova Way) and Prostředek Nádraží Edit

  • Future-Past Antiký – An antique store.
  • Two storage units facing the pedestrian bridge.
  • A third-level apartment belonging to Michael Raine, nephew of the vendor at Lekarna Pharmacy.

South-side areas Edit

  • A second-level apartment belonging to Robin Johannes, a retired anthropology professor who is writing a book about the perception of augmented persons.
  • Čerň-Zlatý – An art supplies shop.
  • The Music Box – A music store. Outside of the store is a music stage.

Dávný District sewers Edit

Notes Edit

  • The intended meaning of the district's name appears to be "old district."[1] However, the term "Dávný" translates to "bygone," "long-time," or "ancient." The correct translation of "old district" would "stará čtvrť." The in-game name may be a translation error.
  • While the term "Dávný Čtvrť" appears throughout game, including the street sign textures, this term is not a proper Czech expression because "dávný" does not match the grammatical gender of "čtvrť." The correct term would instead be "dávná čvrť."
  • The term "Dávný District" is used in the "location" identifier of recorded e-mails, as well as various in-game e-mail and dialogue correspondences.

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  1. Artist's comments (artstation), which refers to the district as "Old District."