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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Cult of Personality
A stranger named Viznik gave me access to a locked section of the sewers. He claims to have been cast out of some kind of community. Viznik's not the easiest person in the world to understand, and I suspect it has to do with whatever's on the other side of this locked door.

SM02: Cult of Personality is a side mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is available for Adam Jensen to complete during his first visit to Prague. Completing this mission unlocks the "Cult of Personality" achievement/trophy.


Part one of the side mission is found by going to the sewer near Adam's apartment building in Prague. After you enter the sewer, you should go to the left, where there is a long opening in the tunnel, and left until you reach an area that has gas coming from it. Near this is a small tunnel built into the wall. Once you go through it, continue to walk until you see a man named Viznik near a door. If the player talks to him properly he will tell them he's been kicked out of the cult and he thinks there is something wrong with the cult leader. He gives Adam a card to get through the door.

After opening the door, a small cutscene plays which shows that a part of the sewer has been converted into a large room that acts as a mini town. The room contains giant TV screens mounted on the walls showing the cult leader Richard the Great. Ricard's followers notice Adam is an outsider and say Richard will know what to do. Adam is now under the influence of Richard, and the edges of his vision are blurred by a yellow-orange fog. Richard talks to Adam through the TV screen. From the screen, Richard is shown sitting on a throne with clouds behind him giving him a look of power. He monologues about making a safe place where people can be free in an non-violent place. If the player tries to disagree with him they will be stopped mid-sentence with a noticeable beep. The CASIE augmentation is rendered non functional if the player has it, as all personality traits are flagged and the personality profile only says how great Richard is. The only way to win the conversation is to cave in and stop resisting.

After this, Richard stops and allows the player to wander free as long as they don't go in the restricted areas, which are guarded by lethal turrets that are rather ironic for a peaceful utopia. After finding a poster promoting a magic show with Richard's face on it and the other one removed, Jensen must visit another part of the city. Here he visits Liborio's store and tells him about Richard and his cult. Liborio is shocked to learn he is still alive but tells Adam that they used to work together on shows in the old days giving paying audiences shared fantasies with the help of hypnosis and social enhancer augmentations with pheromones. They pre-screened audiences to see which minds were easier to influence. In time, however, they were forced to quit because their work was deemed too dangerous. He says that Richard may be using this to influence people and gives jammers to Jensen saying that they have a small radius of effective range. When Adam gets back he can plant the jammers to take a more diplomatic approach, though getting past the turrets guarding them can be problematic as two of them are located in plain view of the sentries, and cloaking is not an option as most augmentations haven been rendered useless. 

If you don't want to use the jammers, go up the ladder in the main room behind cover so the turret won't detect you and go to the level 5 keypad if you can hack it. Otherwise, a multi-tool can be used. After hacking through the door, go near Richard's office. Be careful as he will shoot on sight with a hand pistol if he detects Jensen. He can be taken out lethally or non-lethally. After this, disable the breaker box in the room, shutting down the signal. The cult followers in the will not be under Richard's hypnotics any more, but rather confused people semi shocked at their situation. It's worth going through Richard's office, it has an unlocked security computer that can turn off turrets if you have the right aug. As well as an eBook about his old days, computer hacking software, battle rifle, and at least 4000 Credit symbol or so.

Alternatively, if you want to deal with Richard in a more diplomatic way, plant the jammers upstairs (you'll need to dodge the turrets and use movable barrels to block them from seeing you as you plant them) then head back to the microphone to talk to Richard, who's taken aback when Adam calls him out on his charade. Choose pity then mitigate to make Richard see the error of his ways and stop. This in turn allows you to now move freely on the second floor and enter Richard's room, who is now sobbing on the couch.

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