A credit chip, as seen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Credits are the global "virtual currency" in the universe of Deus Ex. Credits are the official currency in countries such as Germany, France, the United States, Egypt, Canada, and the People's Republic of China. They are mostly used digitally through the internet and ATMs, but despite what their name implies, physical financial transactions can also be made through the use of tangible credit chips (or chits). It is unknown where credits originated, but they were likely created by Majestic 12 or the Illuminati, as it supports their goals of centralization and control.

The symbol for credits is ¢ in the first two games, and Credit symbol in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.



A credit chit, the physical form of credits, as seen in Deus Ex.

In 2027, it costs 5 to 25 credits for alcoholic beverages. Ammunition is also relatively cheap (9mm cartridges typically costs 4 credits, and even the most basic of street thug vendor carries a supply of basic ammo and grenades on him).

By 2029, the Forty equivalent now cost 10 credits, the 9mm bullet that a mere 2 years was valued at 4 credits has seen a sharp decrease to 1 credit, and various specialty items and military hardware goes for a premium.

In 2052, it costs 2 Credit symbol to purchase a soda or candy bar from a vending machine, and 8 Credit symbol to purchase a pack of Coughing Nails brand cigarettes. Most Bartenders worldwide will sell cheaper drinks such as Forty and liquor for 10 Credit symbol. Non-explosive and non-energy ammo usually costs several hundred credits, and explosives such as LAMs and rockets have a street value of multiple thousand credits. Few people keep more than a thousand credits in their ATM accounts.


  • In Mankind divided, it's not unusual to hear NPCs talk about dollars or bucks. As well, there are 'dollar to credit' ATMs around in many of the older shops scattered throughout Prague, suggesting the world isn't quite a one currency state yet.
  • In Deus Ex, a gas station is visited that has been abandoned since the catastrophic Californian earthquake of 2030. The station states "Same price Cash/Credit," implying that US dollars were still being used in 2030.
  • Despite occurring after a 20 year economic depression, credits in Deus Ex: Invisible War are worth more than they were in Deus Ex.