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The Council of Five is the leadership of the Illuminati, being the predecessor of Majestic 12's later Council of Twelve. Its members compose mostly of rich, nobles and business magnates who have a lot of influence in world events, progress and economy. As of 2029, the council consists of the following five members:

A young Bob Page acts as a protegé to Morgan Everett around this time and can be seen with him in the council.

The council ceased to work after the MJ12 coup around 2035, forcing most, if not all, of the former council members into hiding. The role of the Illuminati in the world was usurped by Majestic 12's and the Council of Five was replaced by MJ12's Council of Twelve.

Even after the Illuminati's revival some time after the Collapse, the council was not reestablished. The Illuminati were instead led by Chad Dumier, chairman of the World Trade Organization and Nicolette DuClare, the daughter of Elizabeth DuClare and Her Holiness of the Order Church, who both saw the ideals and methods of the previous Illuminati as flawed.

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