Costa Rica safehouse computer is a computer that appears in Deus Ex: The Fall. It is located in the Duarte Family house in Costa Rica, and was used by Ben Saxon or Anna Kelso (or both) while in hiding there.

Emails Edit

Re: online Neuropozyne Request Edit

From: LIMB International Inquires
To: K5.Anon

Thank you for your inquiry.

We understand your urgent need to secure Neuropozyne, but as the world's highest profile network of augmentation clinics, we are not able to distribute Neuropozene anonymously online.

We do, however, have facilities worldwide and recommend that you set up an appointment at the nearest LIMB Clinic immediately.

If your area is affected by a Neuropozyne shortage you may be able to register for a clinical trial of Riezene, which we feel is a safe alternative to Neuropozyne, and should be approved within the next few months.

Best Regards,
LIMB International

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