Coping with DDS is an eBook in Deus Ex: The Fall. It can be found in two clinics in Panama City:

Transcript Edit

Darrow Deficiency Syndrome (DDS) is the disruption of the neuroprosthetic junction in cybernetic augmentations, causing the patient's body to reject the aug. Patients may find that they cease to have control over their augmented bodies, resulting in painful seizures, uncontrolled use of the augmentation abilities or even full loss of augmentation.

The only legally available treatment for DDS is Neuropozyne, a compound that treats the effects of DDS by preventing the build up of scar tissue around the junction. It's available only by prescription and weekly doses are required to properly treat DDS. Riezene (manufactured by Zaaphire Tech) is a new alternative drug that is currently hoping to expand the consumer choice for DDS treatment.

There are a few practical steps one can pursue when Neuropozyne or Riezene are unavailable. Ice packs can be used on sore augs, and a veriety of magnesium-based supplements can help relax the blood vessels in the brain, alleviating the throbbing pain of migraines that patients may experience during withdrawal. Pain may be felt in the forehead, temple, ear, jaw or around the eye; some individuals may become overly sensitive to light, sounds or smells.

Remember that there is no cure. If you are experiencing DDS, you must see a doctor or visit your nearest LIMB clinic.

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